Quality Is Transitioning

Companies today face a new, fast-paced working world. Digitalization is a continuous process that takes place with no consideration for the interests of individual companies. Digitalization is a necessity. And that’s a good thing. Digitalizing operational processes allows faster and simpler evaluation of data. This means you remain on top of things, especially in production, even if you have large amounts of data and complex processes – provided you are using the right tools. The above mentioned necessity does not mean “digitalization, no matter the cost”. In fact, it offers you the opportunity to optimize your processes sustainably and create a competitive edge.

Element Q

Digital transformation has left its mark on quality management, as well. Today, digitalizing QM methods is just as necessary as digitalizing operational processes. This is the only way you can cope with data amounts that are so large they can no longer be managed with traditional, manual processes. In this context, tightly interconnected manufacture requires that quality relevant data is available for all quality processes. This ensures consistent quality throughout the entire production cycle.

Global supply chains and an increasing supplier share in manufacturing products mean that new directions must be taken in successful partnerships between customers and suppliers. Quality processes can no longer be seen as internal company matters; the quality of the products is always only as good as the quality of the development processes throughout the entire supply chain.

This demands a solution that depicts the entire range of internal and cross-company quality processes. The market is therefore buzzing about the “Element Q”, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing company structures. It is based on tried-and-tested methods but also promotes modern cooperation and agile business.

In order to completely meet all market requirements, we combine all our software solutions for quality management in Element Q. By doing so, we make sure that you can integrate all quality tasks into one all-round solution, connect to other company software and collaborate across company boundaries.

All quality tasks integrated in only one software solution. Integration All quality tasks integrated in only one software solution. Connectivity to other company software Connectivity Seamless connection of our solution to your existing corporate software. Collaboration: digitalize your quality processes internally and across company boundaries Collaboration With the BabtecQube you work together with your business partners on quality.