Service Description

Complaints & Deviations

The service "Complaints & Deviations" is a smart complaints and deviations management tool for documenting customer and supplier complaints as well as deviations in your own company. Processing and root cause analysis is carried out via a guided 8D report. Improvements are documented as actions and can be delegated and tracked via the service "Spots". All issues and actions can be processed collaboratively with your own colleagues or the affected business partner (supplier).

The service “Complaints & Deviations” is chargeable and activated in the premium subscription.

The processing and feedback of the 8D report on a received customer complaint is free of charge.

Service Features:

  • Smart tool for complaint and deviation management
  • Documentation and management of customer and supplier complaints and deviations
  • Joint processing and analysis of issues, optionally with own colleagues or the supplier (for supplier complaints)
  • Guided processing based on the 8D method
  • Specification and monitoring of individual deadlines within the 8D Process
  • Collaborative processing and tracking of all initiated actions via the service "Spots"
    (Applies only to processing WITHOUT the BabtecQ system on the customer or supplier side)
  • Process-related exchange of images and documents
  • High transparency through processing status, logging and comments
  • Creation of master data for addresses, parts, deviations and causes
  • Download of the 8D report as a standard-compliant PDF document
  • Access control via user roles
  • E-mail notifications


The service "Complaints & Deviations" can be connected to BabtecQ systems (from version 6.10) by means of a connector in order to:

  • on the customer side, enable the dispatch of supplier complaints and the receipt of associated 8D reports
  • on the supplier side, enable the receipt of customer complaints and the dispatch of associated 8D reports

As soon as a BabtecQ system is connected, the complaint or 8D report is processed exclusively in the BabtecQ system. Access to the complaint or 8D report in the BabtecQube is read-only. Integration of the service "Spots" is only possible if the complaint or 8D report is processed exclusively in the BabtecQube.

Goods Inspections & Checklists

The service "Goods Checks & Checklists" offers the possibility to plan, perform and document structured goods inspections or approvals. The inspections created can be performed internally or shared with business partners. Actions resulting from an inspection can be collaboratively delegated to one's own colleagues or business partners via the integration of the service "Spots" and tracked or processed by oneself.

Service Features:

  • Definition of individual inspection steps incl. attachments such as photos or other documents
  • Inspection steps can have the property “measurement”, “question”, “assessment”, “completion” or “single or multiple choice”
  • Specification incl. defined specification limits in the inspection type “measurement”
  • Intuitive arrangement of inspection steps via drag and drop
  • Definition of responsibilities and due dates
  • Traceable documentation of the performed inspection with photos, comments, actions or attachments both internally and externally
  • Final inspection decision for approval or rejection of the checklist incl. a justification
  • Integration of the service "Spots" to share actions with colleagues and business partners
  • Integration of the service "Complaints & Deviations" to create issues directly from an inspection
  • Download of inspection reports as PDF document
  • Access control via user roles
  • E-mail notifications


The service “Goods Inspections & Checklists” is chargeable and activated in the premium subscription.

Equipment & Gages

This service makes it possible to manage all equipment and gages at a central location and to monitor its usability. In addition to the documentation of relevant master data, time intervals can be defined at which the equipment or gages must be inspected for its continued usage. All relevant events, such as the internal or external inspections, are documented in a continuous history. Thanks to integration in the service "Goods Inspections & Checklists", monitoring inspections can also be carried out and documented on the basis of the user's own checklists. The inspection decisions are reported back and considered when determining the operational capability.

Service Features:

  • Management of the master data of all equipment and gages at a central location
  • Monitoring of the inspection date by fixed or dynamic inspection intervals
  • Complete history of all owners, locations, calibrations and inspections incl. photos, documents and comments on the life cycles of all equipment and gages
  • Execution of internal calibrations and inspections with individual checklists through seamless integration into the service "Goods Inspections & Checklists"
  • Individual labeling of equipment and gages via tags
  • Creation of master data for equipment types and locations
  • Calibration data export and import according to VDI/VDE Guideline 2623
  • Download of equipment and gages data incl. history as PDF document
  • CSV Import for equipment and gages


The service “Equipment & Gages” is chargeable and activated in the premium subscription.


The service "Spots" is a communication tool that allows you to share quality-related concerns as well as tasks and actions with your colleagues and business partners. "Spots" is free of charge and can be used with up to 250 users of your own company account and with all your business partners.

Service Features:

  • Communication service for quality-related concerns
  • Collaborative processing of tasks and actions
  • Exchange of messages, images and documents
  • Clear assignment of responsible parties and verifiers (for actions)
  • Designation of teams for collaborative participation in dialogs, tasks and actions
  • Determination and monitoring of due dates (for implementation and verification)
  • Support of the four eyes principle incl. effectiveness check for actions
  • Complete documentation of all processing statuses and accompanying communication
  • Participant-related "read" status
  • Free use for 250 users of own company account
  • Free collaboration with all confirmed business partners
  • Access control via user roles
  • E-mail notifications and subscription function


The service "Spots" can be connected to BabtecQ systems (from version 6.15) by means of a connector in order to synchronize tasks and actions with the BabtecQ system bidirectionally.


The service "Analyses" allows you to evaluate your quality data in BabtecQube quickly and easily at a central place. Relevant fields from the various services can be selected and included in the evaluations using drag & drop. Different diagram types support the visual preparation of the results. Individually created evaluations can be saved and shared with colleagues on demand. For further processing, analysis data can be exported to Excel.

Service Features:

  • Customizable analyses for the services
    • Complaints & Deviations
    • Goods Inspections & Checklists
    • Equipment & Gages
    • Dialogues, Tasks & Actions
  • Extensive filter and sorting functions
  • Visualization via bar, line or pie charts
  • High clarity due to integrated drill down functions
  • Sharing analyses with colleagues
  • Marking evaluations as favorites
  • Handy export function to Excel format


The service “Analyses” is chargeable and activated in the premium subscription.

Supplier Assessment

The service "Supplier Assessment" enables the complete publishing of the results of supplier assessments from a BabtecQ system (from version 6.12) in the BabtecQube. The results are structured and displayed graphically. Suppliers can accept or reject evaluations they have received. Customers receive read access to all published assessments. The service “Supplier Assessment” is free of charge and can be used with up to 250 users of the company's own account.

Service Features:

  • Complete publishing of supplier assessment results from BabtecQ
  • Structured display according to the specification from BabtecQ
  • Historical trends for overall assessment, categories and criteria (Prerequisite is the linking of supplier assessments in the publishing BabtecQ system)
  • Feedback and comment function for suppliers
  • Transparency through logging and comments
  • Reading access for customers
  • Download of assessments as PDF document
  • Access control via user roles
  • E-mail notifications


The service "Supplier Assessment" must be connected to BabtecQ systems (from version 6.13) by means of a connector in order to publish supplier assessments in the BabtecQube as well as to receive the supplier's feedback.

Inspection Orders

The service "Inspection Orders" is a tool for step-by-step recording of inspection orders from a connected BabtecQ system. The recording can be done either in the own company account or by a business partner. Both online and offline recording is possible. Documented results are transferred back to the original BabtecQ system.

The service “Inspection Orders” is chargeable.

Service Features:

  • Simple tool for recording inspection orders from BabtecQ (Supported are inspection orders from incoming and outgoing goods with the inspection procedure "lot inspection")
  • Supported functions
    1. access to failure catalogs
    2. recording of grouping information
    3. skip lot orders
  • Documentation of the user / business partner per measured value
  • Online and offline recording
  • Access control via user roles
  • E-mail notifications


The service "Inspection Orders" must be connected to BabtecQ systems (from version 6.14) by means of a connector in order to publish inspection orders from incoming or outgoing goods to the BabtecQube and to receive the associated results again.