Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is our common denominator. All team members – from the top management to the working student – work every day towards our big goal, our common vision, and follow our mission and guiding principles. It is important to us that we are constant in our values, but agile in our processes. In this way, we are continuously developing as a company, improving ourselves again and again, and achieving quality excellence together with our users.

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Our Vision

Every Company Has a Quality Consciousness for the Benefit of People.

Quality is an elementary component of corporate responsibility. In this respect, our vision serves as a guideline for every company and its top management, even beyond their own company boundaries – in the partnership-based cooperation in the supply networks. In this way, every company becomes part of the network for quality and sharpens its quality awareness for the benefit of the people.

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Our Mission

We Support Companies in Permanently Strengthening Their Quality.

To support companies in quality management, we offer everything from intuitive quality tools in the cloud to complex QM systems for the fulfillment of quality-relevant standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, we offer a wide range of services for all industrial companies.

The "Element Q" describes the market's requirement for modern quality management and consists of the elements of integration, connectivity and collaboration.

  • Integration: Based on common processes and taking into account the corporate strategy, the interests of all stakeholders and, in particular, the manufacture of the products, modern quality management develops as part of an integrated management system (IMS).
  • Connectivity: The management system requires a seamless and bidirectional connection to existing software systems in the company.
  • Collaboration: Digital processes do not stop at the corporate boundary. The high effectiveness of digital quality processes only emerges within the framework of good collaboration in the supply networks.

With our help, companies strengthen their quality, generate competitive advantages, and improve their market position. In this way, we promote a heightened awareness of quality and a quality mindset that goes beyond normative requirements.

Our Guiding Principles

Focus on People

Sieben unserer Mitarbeiter:innen in schwarz-weißen Porträtaufnahmen und authentischen Posen

Shared values are the basis for a good corporate culture. We have therefore defined guiding principles that place people at the center of our actions. In our day-to-day interactions, whether in our team or with our users and partners, these guiding principles serve as a framework that reflects our corporate values and ethical rules of conduct.

  • We maintain our independence and sovereignty and act in a self-determined manner in the implementation of our vision.
  • We think and act holistically and achieve good results for all in the interests of the stakeholders.
  • We give people freedom and responsibility so that competent decisions are made where they are needed.
  • We give trust and create commitment through perceptible appreciation and cooperation at eye level.
  • We continuously improve and win through a positive failure culture.
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