Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Quality energized. Belonging to one of the major global industries, manufacturers in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering are subject to a wide range of various requirements depending on which applications their products are meant to fulfil.

Every quality-related facet of the electronics and electrical engineering industries can be supported using BabtecQ, covering applications ranging from plant engineering and automation to automotive suppliers, power engineering and even consumer electronics.

Whether you supply capacitors, wiring, semiconductors or electronics manufacturing services (EMS), BabtecQ will help you meet all the relevant requirements, as e.g. stipulated by DIN EN ISO 9001. Use the CAQ system to ensure the implementation of any industry-specific standards and guidelines like those set by the IPC or the VDE.



FMEA FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Identify and avoid potential errors during the development process. Task Management Action Management Task and Action Management Document tasks and measures directly in the relevant processes. Complaints Management Complaints Management Reduce complaints - for satisfied customers and optimized processes. Incoming Goods Outgoing Goods Incoming / Outgoing Goods Inspection Check incoming and outgoing goods - avoid additional costs and time. Overview Our Solutions With BabtecQ we provide you with all QM tools in one software.


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