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Polycontact AG employee shows guests around the production halls

Q.Infotag in Switzerland: Theory & Practice Hand in Hand

Last month we invited, together with the Swiss company Polycontact AG, to the Q.Infotag in Chur, Canton Graubünden in Switzerland. The special feature: through the cooperation with Polycontact, not only theory and practice merged together, but also the widely… Read more
Interview with Babtec CEO Michael Flunkert

Is Quality a Management Matter in Your Company?

A high level of quality awareness is the key to economic success – throughout the entire supply chain. Anyone who believes that we are well positioned with "Made in Germany" should take a closer look. German industry is in danger of falling behind and losing… Read more
Group photo of the Babtec team

Team Event for the Protection of Biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation was on the agenda at our "Come Together" this year. Under the direction of biologist Falko Fritzsch, more than 150 Babtec team members took part in a bee workshop on the grounds of Schloss Lüntenbeck. Karin Ricono from the… Read more
Team Babtec Austria

Q.Infotag Anniversary Edition

In June, the time had finally come for us to celebrate Babtec Austria's birthday! In 2021, our location in Austria turned 10 years old. At that time, an anniversary event was not yet justifiable for us due to the pandemic situation, but this summer we made up… Read more