With BabtecQ, we offer an all-round solution that integrates all QM tools in one software package. Our active PDCA cycle offers great potential. The cycle is an essential concept in quality management to develop high-quality products. That’s why BabtecQ, allows the exchange of all relevant quality data, for example between FMEA, inspection planning, audit management, complaint management and action management as well as many other modules. This results in findings you can use to continuously optimize your entire process and ensure this knowledge is available throughout the company. Our CAQ software thus supports your company’s continuous improvement process, as you constantly work with quality-relevant data across all modules.

Combining All QM Tools in One Software Solution

Good process planning prior to production ensures the quality of your products. Well-founded, computer-based prevention helps you to avoid errors before they occur. With the aid of BabtecQ, you can analyze the actual state and possible improvement potential in the early planning stages. Against this backdrop, risks are consequently minimized.

However, the quality of a product does not depend on thoroughly planning and monitoring production alone. Apart from the actual production processes, various QM tools ensure that gages are trustworthy and employees have the necessary skills, for example. If defects occur despite all plans and precautions, BabtecQ subsequently analyzes and eliminates error causes and ensures that these modifications are considered in the next planning phase.

The modular structure of our software enables you to use only those modules that correspond exactly to your requirements. Together, we will define which modules are useful for your business and will then build your customized solution. We continuously develop all our software modules under consideration of changes in norms and standards as well as customer requirements.

Twice a year, extensive releases provide you with new functions and features that further improve your work with BabtecQ. From planning to risk and situation analysis, from developing solutions to implementing them – with Babtec, you will always comply with standard requirements. On top of that, you improve the quality of your products.

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