Our Partners

Our concept of quality includes the maxim that networking is a critical factor of quality management. All the more important that we follow this maxim in our own work. On the one hand, we cooperate with various partners in order to create the optimal conditions for connectivity to other systems. In this way, our BabtecQ software can be seamlessly connected to many partner solutions. On the other hand, through our close contact with our scientific partners, we can keep pace with the times and create valuable synergy effects. As a quality partner on equal terms, we are designing the future of quality management together with you.

Strategic Product Partners

Our partner APICON

APICON specializes in SAP data management and interfaces for external systems. The company, founded in 2001, provides the certified SAP interface for a professional integration of the BabtecQ QM software into the existing IT landscape.

Partners from the Sciences

Our partner German Association for Quality (DGQ)

The German Society for Quality (DGQ) provides an extensive quality management network and has made a major contribution to research and training in the field of quality for more than 60 years. With our joint initiative “Quality Arises from Networking”, we want to enrich Industry 4.0 through progressive and evidence-based action.

Our partner University of Wuppertal (BUW)

We are cooperating with the University of Wuppertal in a research project for mastering complex amounts of data at the Institute for Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis. In addition, we are sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program and the GreenLion Racing Team.

Cooperation Partners

Our partner Testo

Testo Industrial Services GmbH is a specialist for measurement technology services, including calibration, qualification, and validation. The company ensures that all gages from Testo interact smoothly with Babtec’s Quality Management Software.

Our partner Mahr

Mahr is a global manufacturer of high-quality measuring devices. From a simple caliper to a wireless dial gage, all QM-relevant Mahr products can be integrated into the Babtec Quality Management Software.

Our partner KEYENCE

KEYENCE is worldwide leader in the area of factory automation and quality control systems. The gages of the company, founded in 1974 in Japan, can be directly connected to Babtec’s Quality Management Software.

Our partner Industrie Informatik

Industrie Informatik GmbH in Linz, Austria, has been supporting manufacturing companies for over 20 years with the optimization of their production processes. Cronetwork, the MES solution for optimization of production processes, offers a direct interface with BabtecQ.

Our partner IQZ

IQZ GmbH supports Babtec with the development of new products for the department of warranty. Furthermore, IQZ is a competent service provider for counselling and development in the departments of quality and reliability management.

Sales Partners

Our partner abas

For more than 35 years abas Software AG has been providing customized business software for mid-sized companies. BabtecQ can be directly integrated into the Abas ERP system via an interface.

Our partner Infor

Infor Global Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of business software for special industries. The ERP system of the American software company can be seamlessly integrated into Babtec’s Quality Managament Software.

Our partner proALPHA

The proALPHA group is the third largest ERP provider throughout Germany for mid-sized companies in production and trade. The integrated solution of the provider from Weilerbach (in Rhineland-Palatinate) can be seamlessly linked to BabtecQ.


ORDAT is one of the leading ERP providers for medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry and develops high-performance ERP solutions that are specifically tailored to the business model and (industry) requirements of the customers. The ERP systems of the company, based in the German state of Hesse, can be directly connected to Babtec’s Quality Management modules.

Our partner Sage

With several million customers, Sage is one of the world’s largest software providers. The company, founded in 1981, is strongly represented on the market with over 250,000 customers in German mid-sized companies. Its ERP systems can be seamlessly linked to BabtecQ.

Our partner UB-Software

UB-Software GmbH has been represented on the market since 1993 with the leading ERP industry software Majesty. Majesty is currently used successfully by around 600 medical technology and machining companies. UB-Software focuses on the development, support and sales of its own ERP system Majesty. 

Our partner Brütsch-Rüegger

With Jellix, Brütsch-Rüegger provides an IIoT platform that can be tailored to customer-specific requirements thanks to its modular design: It enables system performance monitoring, tool management, visualization of the corresponding KPIs and documented quality monitoring.

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