How We Live When We Work

A creative congenial atmosphere encounters the benefits of an owner-managed, medium-sized company. Competencies are appreciated, while at the same time, the focus is on the person. With Babtec as your employer, you will enjoy a high standard of quality of life, thanks to modern working conditions in an ambiance of well-being. 

Room for Creativity

Only at home do we spend more time over the course of our lives than at our workplace. This means it is even more important that we feel comfortable where we work, that we can be ourselves and that our work environment has a positive effect on our health and our mood. We know a modern employer can and must do a lot in this regard. So we want to introduce you to our project “Future Work Places”, in which we have invested a great deal of time and love.

Für jedes Meeting der richtige Ort: die Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Superbly furnished, innovative and comfortable. Our Creative Spaces are the ideal locations for creative and constructive meetings. Each one is provided with its own motto and atmosphere of well-being. Here you’ll find the right space for every kind of get-together. While the “Creative Playground” is a great space for brainstorming as you swing, the ceiling-high pinboard in the “Think Tank” provides a possibility for clearly structuring clever ideas. The “Round Table” is especially well suited for an open dialog. In addition, it also has a beautiful view of our atrium. Creative ideas naturally bubble up in the lounge atmosphere of “Fresh Ideas”. Many more fascinating spaces are waiting for you to discover.

All Creative Spaces are furnished according to the latest technical standards. Large screens provide a shared view of the current topic. Your own monitor can be projected cable-free onto the large screen. Tools for video and teleconferencing are available as well as classic whiteboards or flip charts for a spontaneous sketch. In addition to the work equipment, new endearing details can always be discovered. Was that retro radio in “Urban Picnic” really already there last week?

Work Places

Bathed in light, open and modern. Our workplaces hardly have anything in common with the traditional notion of a classic office. Bright colors, good acoustics and modern technology create a symbiosis that provides for a unique Well-being@Work. You will rarely find closed doors at Babtec. Our open office culture enables a relaxed collaboration among equals.

Subjective well-being is but one side of our Work Places. Objective health promotion is the other. Our ergonomic and stylish workstations are regularly furnished with new office furniture, which complies with the latest research in sports science. Desks that are height-adjustable at the touch of a button and three-dimensional sitting – for Health@Work.

Free Spaces laden zu einer Auszeit vom Schreibtisch ein.

Free Spaces

Free, agile, flexible. Our Free Spaces are perfectly suited for a break from your desk or for getting together spontaneously for small meetings and consultations. A bright orange sofa here, a high desk with bar stools there – these oases for rest and the exchange of ideas can be found in various locations in our buildings. 

We have paid close attention to ensure that our small free spaces meet all expectations. While some of them provide sufficient space for a larger group of people, others with their cozy cushions and high backrests are inviting for a screened-off dialog. Thus everyone is guaranteed to find the right space for their particular needs.

Our Working World Has Been Awarded

Employer seal of approval from Great Place to Work® and kununu
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