Application Tips

We’re all familiar with it: Writing applications can be really complicated! Every employer expects something different from its applicants, and countless Internet advisors will tell you how to do it right... and frequently confuse you even more. We want to make it simpler for you – by being transparent. With our application tips and an overview of our application process, we will help you to start more easily. Together we can do it.

Your Application

Cover Letter

The cover letter is your great opportunity to show us more about your personality, motivation and suitability for a job at Babtec. Convince us with your skills, knowledge and interests. Let us know why you are exactly the right person for our company. And make us curious about having a conversation to get to know you! 

Résumé / CV

Your résumé (or CV) is the centerpiece of your application, since here we can see all relevant data and facts at a glance. Information about your education and training belong here as well as your professional experience. For a complete first impression, you should also absolutely mention special qualifications and your interests.


  • Cover letter
  • Résumé / CV
  • Education and training certificates
  • Job references
  • Supporting documents (trainings, qualifications) 
  • Upload to the applicant portal (link under each job posting)

Application Process

Graphic representation of the application process at Babtec

After we have received your application via our online portal and if it looks like a good match for both of us, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a short telephone interview. This is first of all about the basic data; we clarify initial questions from both sides and see whether the basics are right for both of us. The next step is a personal meeting to get to know each other. In a relaxed atmosphere, we exchange ideas, learn about each other's concepts and develop a feeling for whether we fit together.  

Within two weeks after the interview, you will receive a reply from us. If both sides consider that the chemistry is right, an important foundation has already been laid! The next step is a technical interview, during which you can score points with your skills and talents. We in turn can hopefully collect plus points  with greater transparency regarding your potentially new area of responsibility. 

If all goes well and both sides are satisfied, we will be very close to the finish line! Now we will invite you to negotiate your employment contract and the conditions associated with it. Our goal is an agreement that we are both satisfied with. And then the finish line will be reached! Our gain will be a great new employee. Your gain will be a new and interesting role in our company. Welcome to Babtec!

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