From joint processing of tasks and actions to recording inspection data and handling complaints: our cloud-based platform BabtecQube allows you to interconnect with all your business partners and takes cooperation in quality management to a whole new level. In the process, you will be using smart web applications that can be accessed at any time via the browser of your smartphone or tablet to digitalize your quality processes internally and across companies.

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Smart Communications

Use BabtecQube.SPOT to create general quality-related matters as well as tasks and measures, delegate them to employees and business partners and edit them. Interconnect with your customers and suppliers and join forces to work on quality together: Simply create a “spot”, define participants and add relevant content and comments.

Smart communications using spots enables a quick and easy exchange of information and solution finding that prevents quality problems before they occur and ensures that no opportunities are lost. This not only improves the quality of your products and processes, it ensures true cooperation between equals.

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Process Inspection Orders on the Go

If parts are already defective when they arrive at your company, you cannot use them to make high-quality products. This means you depend on your business partners attaching just as much importance to smooth-running quality processes as you do. BabtecQube.CHECK allows you to take things into your own hands and guarantees that delivered parts reach you in a satisfying quality.

You can provide your suppliers with inspection orders for processing easily and securely via the cloud. And you can use the service to digitalize quality processes in your own company, too. Record completed goods inspections on your smartphone or tick off your release checklists. Errors are documented efficiently and conveniently. In addition, you can transfer the inspection results to your BabtecQ software to create evaluations and key performance indicators. 

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Process Complaints via the Cloud

Complaints mean additional costs and effort for customers and suppliers alike. In BabtecQube, we offer a solution that allows you to process complaints more securely and easily than ever before. In turn this means your relationship to your business partners is not strained by inefficient complaint management.

Simply create complaints and send your suppliers all relevant data at the push of a button. Recipients of the complaint are guided through the 8D method, define effective measures and provide you with a convenient 8D report on these results. Comment and feedback functions and a complete history support communication and reinforce cooperation.

Consistent and Transparent Supplier Evaluation

Supplier assessments can be published digitally with great ease within the Supplier Cockpit. You no longer need to send paper reports. You can share the current status of your assessments, including the relevant comments and details, at the push of a button. You and your connected suppliers get a convenient dashboard, which can be used to access all published and past assessments.

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, on it service "Goods Inspections & Checklists"

From joint processing tasks and measures to recording inspection data and handling complaints. Take cooperation in quality management to a completely new level with BabtecQube. Here, all participants work in smart web applications which can be accessed via a web browser at any time.

Here you will learn more about the BabtecQube.

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