Ecosystem for Quality

Cooperation in the supply network is enormously important for high product quality. to make this as simple as possible, we pursue the idea of an "ecosystem for quality" with our product portfolio.

Quality must be thought of in a cross-company way.

Quality processes and tasks do not end at the company boundary, because every supplier part used influences the quality of the end product.

The interaction in the supply network is like an ecosystem.

The added value created by an ecosystem is the relationship structure of all participants: everyone gives and shares something in order to have more of it themselves in the end.

Such an ecosystem for quality can be mapped with our QM software.

Use our product worlds to digitize and transparently document your quality processes across companies.

Cooperation in the Supply Network

Why you should see yourself as part of an ecosystem for quality

At Babtec, when we talk about an ecosystem for quality, we mean a network that creates and leverages synergies – synergies that make quality processes more efficient and also simpler, both in terms of societal and normative requirements. There are good reasons why you should consider yourself part of such an ecosystem for quality:

  • Quality is a joint product. In particular, manufacturing companies with a high vertical range of manufacture each act on their own, but at the same time they must also function as part of a supply network and share responsibility for the quality of an end product.
  • An ecosystem for quality only works if everyone participates. To achieve good product quality that prevails over the competition, everyone involved must pull together – whether within their own company or beyond its borders. To achieve this, quality must be anchored as a central value and lived.
  • Your business partners and you benefit most from each other when you are all doing well, because you depend on each other. Only if your own suppliers deliver the ordered raw materials or parts on time can you meet your own delivery deadlines and be successful.
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The Ecosystem for Quality in Everyday Work

In this interview, Lutz Krämer, member of the management board and head of products at Babtec, explains what an ecosystem for quality means in the world of quality management, using practical examples.

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Do you already know the Q.Magazine 2021/22?

In this issue, everything revolves around the main topic "Ecosystem for Quality". Of particular interest: Dr. Stefan Rösler, an expert on biodiversity and sustainability, explains why the woodland ecosystem is a wonderful role model for sustainable management and efficient quality management.

Product Portfolio under the Sign of Good Cooperation

How our product portfolio meets an ecosystem for quality

Infographic on the system landscape of BabtecQ and BabtecQube

By developing two different product worlds that overlap and can map quality processes beyond the software solution used in each case, our product portfolio takes the form of an ecosystem for quality – making it easier for you to collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

The key to the ecosystem for quality – the cloud-based software BabtecQube. BabtecQube is suitable for good cooperation beyond company boundaries. Via the cloud, our customers exchange quality data and also quality topics with other companies, work on their quality processes together with their business partners and come into regular exchange. The BabtecQube is open to any company that wants to digitalize its quality processes and be part of a network for quality.

Those who, in addition, do not want to do without quality management with a high level of detail – on-premises software BabtecQIf the standardized cloud solution is not enough for you, you can use the numerous modules of BabtecQ. If required, these are adapted by our team to company-specific features and third-party software and installed locally. And best of all, those who use BabtecQ can still extend their processes to the BabtecQube and share them with business partners.

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As a technology partner of renowned manufacturers, WILD places high demands on the quality of its suppliers and therefore relies on the BabtecQube: since then, the speed and efficiency of the complaints process have increased significantly and the exchange of information on quality issues has become more open.
Emmerich Kriegl, WILD GmbH
Employees work at the WILD Group

This Is How WILD GmbH Combines our Software Solutions

In our case study, Head of Quality Management Emmerich Kriegl reports on exactly how WILD GmbH works with our cloud-based platform BabtecQube.

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