Complaints Management

Complaints involve additional expenses for both the supplier as well as the customer. Nevertheless, when they are consistently evaluated, they can be extremely helpful for further product planning and development. Customers point out where action is needed for defective products and enable the supplier’s processes to be continually improved. In this way, both parties can benefit from higher quality products in the future. Viewed like this, the proper handling of complaints and claims is always an opportunity to optimize your own processes. 

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Reliable processing with guided data acquisition (8D method)
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Efficient process sequences through configurable workflows
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Targeted root cause analysis thanks to the classifications in error catalogs

Initiate Complaints at the Right Juncture

Processing Complaints in BabtecQ: Using workflows to process complaints with Ishikawa Diagram, Workflow-Support and 8D Report
Using workflows to process complaints with Ishikawa Diagram, Workflow-Support and 8D Report

Both business sides are supported by our software solution. As a customer, you have the opportunity to easily create supplier complaints. As a supplier, you are able to quickly and efficiently resolve customer concerns. In doing so, you ensure a smooth and consistent flow of the complaint process, which not only saves time but also in some cases avoids high costs. Due to the integration of the software modules into an all-round solution, you have the opportunity to activate complaints right where defects appear. If faults are detected during your incoming goods inspection, a supplier complaint can be created directly from the recording of the inspection characteristics. Easily monitor initiated corrective actions via the central Action Management.

The browser-based user interface BabtecQ Go also offers all persons involved in the complaints process easy access to create new customer or supplier complaints, record internal deviations and, above all, be optimally informed at all times about the current (8D) processing status.

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Easy Transfer of ERP Data

If you use an ERP system, we provide you a standardized ERP interface for exchanging relevant complaint data. If, for example, returns or complaints are recorded in the ERP system, you can transfer the existing data to BabtecQ and use it for further complaint processing. You can then send the resulting complaint decision back to your ERP system. In this way, all important complaint data is collected in one location and made available to you.

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As a technology partner of renowned manufacturers, WILD has high standards for supplier quality and therefore relies on the BabtecQube. Since then, the speed and efficiency of the complaints process have increased significantly, and the exchange of information on quality issues has become more open.
Emmerich Kriegl, WILD GmbH

Processing Complaints via the Cloud

Process Complaints in the Cloud
The processing of complaints via the Qube is as easy as never before

Connect to all your suppliers via the BabtecQube. In doing so, your suppliers will receive their complaints clearly laid out via the cloud. All information entered in the BabtecQube can be shared upon request directly and with SSL encryption. Status changes as well as information about new complaints can be centrally found in the BabtecQube. All entries are automatically synchronized – whether they are made by the customer or the supplier. Both parties always have access to the most up-to-date status of the complaint processing and will not lose track of it due to fragmented e-mail communication.

With free access to the BabtecQube, your suppliers receive the option of carrying out the complaint process in accordance with the structured and guided 8D report. With this method, the processing takes place in eight clearly defined steps. The supplier receives customer complaints directly over their Internet browser – on their PC, tablet or smartphone. The supplier can document their results and report back their progress in real time via a simple and process-oriented input screen.

Icon cube, magnifying glass Incoming / Outgoing Goods Inspection Check incoming and outgoing goods - avoid additional costs and time. An employee processes an 8D report via tablet. 8D Report: Fight the Complaints Read more in our BloQ article about the 8D Report methodology that has been established for the efficient handling of deviations.
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