Learning App: Interactive E-Learning for Software Users

The introduction of new software can only be successful if the users know how to use it correctly. For this reason, we provide you with the Babtec learning app: Users experience Babtec software in targeted exercises during the e-learning course. The knowledge imparted can be deepened directly in practical application. Regardless of time, place and trainer, each employee determines their own learning time and pace. Nothing stands in the way of the promising use of Babtec software!

Learning app from Babtec on a laptop

What Can the Learning App Do?

The Babtec learning app enables you to train your employees and colleagues in the use of Babtec software – regardless of time and place.

The learning app distinguishes between basic and specialist courses. While basic courses focus on the basic operation of the BabtecQ and BabtecQ Go software solutions, specialist courses offer insights into specific modules. In the course description, the learning app shows you which courses you need to complete in advance to achieve the optimum learning outcome.

All courses are offered in German and English. The provision of other languages is also possible if required. Please feel free to contact us!

Your Advantages when Using the Learning App

  • Always available
    Use the learning app whenever and wherever you want. Thanks to the independence of trainers and locations, learning is easier than ever.
  • Flexible for learners
    Determine your own learning time and pace – independently of other participants.
  • Interactive design
    Deepen your knowledge through practical application: the interactively designed e-learning courses allow you to experience the software environment while learning.
  • Individually tailored to you
    Focus on the content that is relevant to you by completing the learning units that are important for you and your area of responsibility.
  • Documented success
    Receive personal proof of the knowledge you have acquired by downloading an individual certificate after completing the course.

Who Is the Learning App Suitable for?

  • Software users who are new to the BabtecQ and BabtecQ Go software solutions
  • Software users who want to get to know new functions in order to make processes more efficient and use the software solutions optimally
  • Key users who are responsible for the use of Babtec software within a company

Fancy a Sample?

In our short teaser, you can see for yourself how the courses in the learning app are structured using the example “Create complaints”.

Currently Available Courses

Basic course | Administration


This course is suitable for people who carry out administrative tasks in the system. Learn how to make company-specific adjustments to the standard software and perform administrative tasks.

  • Manage users
  • Add user-defined fields
  • Customize layouts
  • Configure system-wide parameters
  • Customize skins
  • Create dashboards
Basic course | Dynamic report designer

Dynamic report designer

Learn how to independently create company-specific reports using the design elements labels, tables, images and notes. Knowledge of SQL is required for this course.

  • Create reports
  • Building SQL queries
  • Using control elements
  • Linking database fields
  • Creating detail areas
  • Use complex design elements
Basic course | General operation

General operation

Learn how to operate the BabtecQ client and the browser-based BabtecQ Go interface. This course forms the basis for further courses on the individual modules.

  • Get to know the software basics
  • Using list views
  • Using recurring operating elements
Basic course | Tasks and actions

Tasks and Actions

Learn how to manage tasks and actions and how to administer the “Task Management” and “Action Management” modules.

  • Manage tasks (BabtecQ)
  • Manage actions (BabtecQ)
  • Share tasks and actions via the BabtecQube
  • Manage tasks (BabtecQ Go)
  • Manage actions (BabtecQ Go)
  • Manage "Tasks and Actions" modules
Specialist course | Checklists


Learn how to manage documents with checklist content and how to create and enter fillable versions of the checklists.

  • Create folder structure
  • Create and structure checklists
  • Configure modules
  • Configuring checklists
  • Release and version checklists
Specialist course | Complaints


Learn how to manage complaints and administer the “Complaint Management” module.

  • Create complaint processes in BabtecQ
  • Document the 8D process
  • Create supplier complaints and share them via BabtecQube
  • Create and manage complaint processes in BabtecQ Go
  • Get to know additional functions
  • Administering the “Complaints” module
Specialist course | Document control

Document control

Learn how to create and manage documents in BabtecQ Go and import existing documents.

  • Create and manage documents
  • Import documents
Specialist course | Processes


Learn how to create processes, visualize them in the form of flow charts, carry out process analyses and administer the “Process Management” module.

  • Create process structure
  • Create and edit processes
  • Create flowcharts
  • Carry out process analysis
  • Use process maps
Specialist course | Requirements


Learn how to manage sources and requirements and how to administer the “Requirements management” module.

  • Manage sources
  • Manage requirements
  • Administering the “Requirements” module

How Do I Get the Learning App?

You have chosen a software solution from Babtec and would now like to use the learning app to train your software users? That's a good idea, because you'll get the most out of the software and its functions!

1. Get in Touch

Please get in touch with your personal contact at Babtec using the keyword “learning app”. Alternatively, you can also use our general contact form.

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2. Determine Requirements

For which use cases would you like to train users? How many users need access to the learning app? Your contact person will check with you how many accesses you need for which courses and will prepare a corresponding offer for you.

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3. Register & Learn

After ordering, you will receive voucher codes with which each learner registers in the learning app. In order to guarantee the provision of a personal certificate after completion of the course, these are personal access codes. The selected courses are available for you in the learning app. Let's get started!

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Would You Like to Get Started? Contact Us

Do you still have questions about the learning app or would you like to use it to train your software users? Then please get in touch with your personal contact at Babtec. Alternatively, you can also use our general contact form.

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