About Babtec

Babtec – innovative software for quality. With the intuitive operation, modern technology and future-proof design of our CAQ solutions, we enable quality management that goes beyond standard requirements, thus ensuring our customers’ business success in the long term. Meanwhile, more than 1,200 customers in 34 countries work with our QM solutions and our cloud services on a daily basis – and that number is growing and growing.

For a World Full of Quality

It’s all around us. We can see it, touch it, sometimes even taste it and smell it. And yet we are only rarely aware that it is deep inside every object. Only when it’s missing, do we immediately notice it. Because without it, our world would literally fall apart. We want it and we need it. We’re talking about quality.

From the smallest screw to a giant machine – only high-quality products enrich our world and satisfy customers’ requirements. The key to high quality is Quality Management. And that’s where we come into play. For that is our core competence. Our guiding principle is to make the world a little better every day through quality. With more than 200 employees in eight locations, we have been working on this day after day for more than 25 years. We make the Software for Quality.

View of our headquarters in Wuppertal

Since 1994, manufacturing companies of all industries and sizes have been relying on our solutions for quality management. Using BabtecQ software, our customers plan, safeguard and manage their quality processes. Modularity and numerous customizing options for our integrated standard software ensure the highest degree of flexibility. At the same time, they offer the possibility of maintaining quality throughout the entire supply chain with one single solution. We go one step further than conventional QM solutions: Since 2016, our cloud-based platform BabtecQube has revolutionized quality management. With the services in the cloud, decisive quality processes are optimized across company boundaries thanks to global, digital and mobile communication and networking opportunities. Become part of the quality network and shape the future of quality management together with us.

You will receive all-inclusive support from us with the implementation of our software in your company structures. Our services range from project planning and analysis and the accompanying consulting to the implementation of the overall concept with integration into your existing IT landscape. In addition, we offer subsequent trainings, maintenance and support.

Our Model for Success

Everything from a single source – that is our concept for Babtec’s all-in-one worry-free solutions. You will find among our employees the top specialists for all areas of quality management and the services that are associated with it. We are not merely a CAQ software company. We are your innovative and reliable partner for optimized quality processes. As equal partners, we develop with you the ideal solution for your company, customized to your needs. We advise medium-sized companies as well as global corporations from all industries, such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and medical technology. Our vision is that every company has a quality consciousness for the benefit of people.

Developing Our Software

When developing our products, we always keep the demands of the market in mind. The innovative ideas of our product managers evolve from insights gained through intensively monitoring the market as well as from ongoing dialog with our current and prospective customers. This means that our solutions remain very close to the needs of our users. 
When we have decided on implementing an idea, it goes into design and planning. Whether a completely new development or further improvement of existing products, our product experts invest a lot of time, heart and soul in our products and ensure that a feasible product plan results from a brilliant idea. 

The agile SCRUM method: in stand-up meetings, the course is reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

After that, it goes into production. When it comes to programming, our software developers are world class: Two major releases each year supply the market – and you – with only the best that quality management has to offer. In doing so, our IT experts rely heavily on agile methods. Using the proven Scrum methodology, any current course of development can spontaneously be adjusted again and again in order to never lose sight of the goal. At the end of every sprint is a finished item: a new element for the BabtecQ software.

Babtec is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Quality Assurance at Babtec

Since as experts for quality management we naturally remain true to our principles in our own production, quality assurance is not a choice but rather an obligation in the development process of our software. An integral part of software development are our software testers, who day in and day out do nothing but test our software to ensure the best possible quality. For this, we follow the globally recognized standards of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®). The certification of our testers in accordance with the ISTQB standards ensures a systematic and structured approach to software testing during all phases of development.

Using a quality management system is likewise obligatory for us, so that our processes are constantly being further developed, always with the customer and a specific goal in mind. Babtec is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015​​​​​​​ and fulfills all the requirements of the rules established by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) on the fundamentals and terminology for QM systems. This means that our products achieve the best possible quality.

The Way onto the Market

Our sales teams in five locations, our partners and our marketing team give their all to optimally market our software and always keep you up to date. We will show you how you can ideally use our software for your company. We also organize exclusive events where you can get to know us and our products better. 

BabtecQ in Practice

Do you need quality? Our solutions cover all the requirements of ISO 9001 and are regularly updated according to changes in the standards. No matter what is causing you headaches, we have a solution for it.

Do you want quality? We stand for a commitment to quality that goes beyond just meeting standards. With our software and cloud services, you ensure optimization of quality processes even across company boundaries. In this Quality Supply Chain, you and your partner companies work together on the best possible quality for your products. With Babtec, all quality management visionaries have come to the right place. 


We’re Always There for You

Implementing a QM system is not always easy. Since we understand that, a project manager accompanies the entire process of introducing your Babtec products into your company. Our software is connected to your IT environment (e.g., ERP, SAP, CRM) while the installation as well as the customizing are carried out. We train your employees to use the software, and you will be supported by your project manager and their team right up to the successful everyday use of your QM system. 

And our quality partnership by no means ends there. In addition to further trainings and the Babtec Academy, maintenance and support are of course included in the services for our customers. Our software and services are as changeable as the economic and production world. We will help you to keep your quality management just as up-to-date as your production. 

Of course, our support team works in close cooperation with product management. Customer requests that are submitted to the support team or inferred from inquiries are reflected on together. If feasible, these requests are implemented in good time, according to priority. Our model for success is therefore not a linear but rather a cyclical sequence of processes, which have just one goal for us: to become a little bit better every day. 

Charles Babbage

A Name Steeped in History

In Babtec’s company name, a man has gained recognition for his life’s work – a man who made possible the later development of the computer. Charles Babbage, a 19th-century English mathematician, philosopher and inventor, produced a highly innovative pioneering achievement with the design of his calculating machine, the “Analytical Engine”. This progressive genius of the early history of computers is our role model. We too would like to courageously forge new paths and help our partners on their way to excellence.

Together at the round table: Babtec employees develop through freedom and take responsibility. Our Philosophy A quality consciousness for the benefit of people: This vision motivates us every day! Management Our Management Visionary, quality-conscious, cooperative: Get to know the management of the company. The software development team at the SCRUM meeting Software for Quality Management in 7 Steps In the BloQ article, we give you an insight into the exciting world of software production.