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Integration – a Comprehensive Portfolio

Modules of the CAQ software BabtecQ in the closed loop
The various modules of the BabtecQ QM software form a closed quality loop. You decide which of the available modules you acquire and use.

You achieve high product quality primarily by optimizing your quality processes. What could be more useful than software that maps a wide variety of processes and makes quality-relevant data available across all processes?

Portfolio in the sense of the Closed Quality Loop. BabtecQ is an all-round solution that integrates all QM tools in one software. Quality management practiced in the sense of the Closed Quality Loop opens up enormous potential for you when it comes to developing high-quality products. In BabtecQ, all relevant quality data can be exchanged, for example, between FMEA, inspection planning, complaint and action management and many other modules.

Individual module selection. The modular structure of our software enables you to use exactly those solutions that you need for your processes. Together, we define which modules are of interest to your company and then put together your individual solution. In addition, you can customize the layout of the software yourself. For example, add your company logo, adapt the colors to your corporate design or create individual dashboards.

Customizing of module functions. Do you have special requirements for a software module that you want to use for your quality processes? No problem! Individual customizing makes it possible to adapt the module functions to company-specific special requirements.

Regular releases. Extensive releases bring new functions and features that further improve your work with BabtecQ. From planning, risk and as-is analysis to the development of a problem solution and its concrete implementation and testing – with BabtecQ you always meet the standard requirements and also improve the quality of your products. Should you have any change requirements of your own, we will be happy to receive them and check whether we can include the function in one of our releases.

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Connectivity – Individual Interfaces

Interfaces of the CAQ software BabtecQ

It goes without saying that companies use various software solutions in their business processes. In order to be able to map quality management to a high degree of detail, it is advisable to use specialized QM software. So that you can integrate BabtecQ into your existing business processes without any worries, our solution can be connected to existing company software without any problems.

Avoid redundancies through uniform data stock. The connection of your systems and our QM software enables regular master data reconciliation and event-driven bidirectional exchange of quality-relevant transaction data. You benefit from a uniform database, avoid redundancies and make your quality processes even more efficient.

Seamless connection to third-party software. The configurable integration tool for PPS/ERP systems of all current providers enables the seamless and uncomplicated connection of the areas of incoming goods/outgoing goods, production inspection and complaints management to the software used within your company. This also applies, for example, to the frequently used ERP solution from SAP. Data is exchanged bidirectionally between an existing SAP system and BabtecQ. The basis for integration is a configurable integration solution certified by SAP. It enables cross-software support of quality and business processes. In addition, we also offer a seamless connection, for example, for the portal for electronic EMPB used by Bosch or the sycat Process Designer.

Configuration of specific interfaces. Do you have a specially developed system in use in your company that you would like to connect to our QM software? That's no problem either – we configure interfaces exactly where you need them in your business processes.

Collaboration – Targeted Teamwork

Quality is critical to business success, which is why sharing quality-related data across the corporate network is becoming increasingly important. In addition, global supply networks require good cooperation to ensure the quality of the end product.

Share quality-related data across the corporate network – with BabtecQ Go. With the browser-based, responsive user interface BabtecQ Go, you make quality data available company-wide – and without local installation on the device. This means that the QM department that uses BabtecQ can also provide other company departments with key figures from the system, make documents available or assign tasks.


Tablet, on it BabtecQ Go

Working with business partners across companies – with BabtecQube. What if you want to map quality processes beyond your company network? You can't do that with the on-premises solution BabtecQ alone – but we do offer you a connection to our second product world, the cloud-based software BabtecQube. You can use this to network with your business partners and share certain data with them from BabtecQ: from joint processing of tasks and actions to inspection data collection and complaints processing.

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Your Interest Is Our Interest.

We respond to market requirements.

Closely networked manufacturing requires that quality-relevant data is available to all quality processes – in the spirit of integration. The efficiency of your business processes must be ensured – through connectivity of the systems used. Global supply chains demand new approaches to successful partnerships between customers and suppliers – we focus on collaboration. We align the BabtecQ QM software with these interests to fully serve all market requirements.

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What our Customers Say

Portrait of Thomas Mandroschek
Babtec's QM software allows us to track the entire product creation process: from incoming goods to the inspection during production. In addition, the relationship between us and our suppliers benefits from the clear communication and targeted dispatch of the specification documents.
Thomas Mandroschek, Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Portrait of Julian Dannoritzer
In order to provide the best possible support for all quality tasks, we opted for a comprehensive BabtecQ module package. The seamless correspondence of the modules ensures an efficient workflow. The most important measurable successes now include visibly improved process quality.
Julian Dannoritzer, DANNORITZER Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG (DANmed)

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