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You want to achieve the best results for your product or service in terms of quality – we want to provide you with optimum support. Whether your drive is the quality requirements of your stakeholders, the pursuit of market advantages through quality, or the desire for structured collaboration with your customers and suppliers, we at Babtec will do everything we can to meet your individual requirements. That's why we give you the choice between two product worlds: BabtecQ supports comprehensive quality management with a high level of detail and the best process integration for your business. The cloud-based BabtecQube fulfills the desire for field-proven, intuitively operable and immediately available standard tools.


The Comprehensive Software for Quality.

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The fully integrated BabtecQ software solution is characterized above all by its high level of detail and its extensive portfolio. The software modules include, for example, FMEA, in-production inspection (SPC), audit management and complaints management. With BabtecQ, you exchange relevant quality data between the various modules and thus optimize your quality processes.

If required, our team will adapt the software to company-specific features and thus – in line with the best-of-breed concept – provide optimal support for quality management and assurance. The modular structure of the software allows you to use exactly the modules you need for your processes.

The Advantages of BabtecQ:

  • Integration of all quality tasks in one software
  • Modular structure guarantees that you use the solutions you really need
  • Best connection to third-party software (ERP, MES, etc.)
  • Perfectly tailored to your individual company processes through customizing
  • Quality data can be made available company-wide with the browser-based user interface BabtecQ Go

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The Platform for Smart Quality Management.

Tablet, service "Goods Inspections & Checklists" on it

The BabtecQube is aimed at those who have less stringent requirements for the level of detail in quality management, but still want to be able to improve the quality of their products and processes and meet normative requirements.

The cloud-based platform BabtecQube allows you to document, share and process quality data internally and across companies. In doing so, you cover all essential core processes of quality management with the services "Equipment & Gages", "Goods Inspections & Checklists", "Complaints & Deviations" and "Tasks & Actions".

The Advantages of BabtecQube:

  • Location-independent use thanks to cloud technology
  • Simple and intuitive usability on all end devices
  • Ability to map a lean quality control loop – even without specialist knowledge
  • Partnership-based collaboration along the supply chain

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Cooperation in the Quality Network

Creating quality is not just the task of a single person or management – but of everyone involved in the supply network. With our solutions, we connect what belongs together. Both product worlds offer you an unbeatable advantage: the opportunity to work together in a quality network.

This is because both BabtecQ and BabtecQube users can be part of the unique quality network in the BabtecQube. Via the cloud, users of both solutions can easily network with each other to work together on the quality of processes and products. For example, you can process your complaints together with your customers or suppliers across systems.

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