Plastics Industry

Imagine shapes and colors in quality. With its perpetually new materials and innovations, the plastics industry is one of the most versatile lines of business. Manufacturers working in the industry use a great variety of production techniques: molded parts, semi-finished goods, fibers and foils are manufactured using injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming or deep drawing.

Regardless of the production methods you might deploy – BabtecQ can help you fulfil your customer's demands and the relevant standard requirements. The system furthermore offers initial sample testing as well as supply chain management, including continuous improvement of products and processes. Skip-lot procedures in incoming goods testing and statistical process control (SPC) during production are but two particularly valuable features for your line of business.

BabtecQ enables you to maintain standards-compliant production processes – regardless whether you cater to the automotive industry, to consumer goods or even to medical engineering.


Icon drawing dimension, stamp CAD Integration Recognize product specifications automatically and make them centrally available. Icon cube, checkmark Part Approval Process / PPAP / PPF Carry out initial sampling on the basis of defined inspection characteristics. Icon cube, clock In-Production Inspection / SPC Intuitive and practice-oriented planning and execution of test processes. Icon broken cube, arrow Complaints Management Reduce complaints - for satisfied customers and optimized processes. Icon cube, magnifying glass Incoming / Outgoing Goods Inspection Check incoming and outgoing goods - avoid additional costs and time.


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