Metal Industry

Precisely quality. Without metals or alloys and without those who work them, modern industry would be unimaginable. Babtec offers solutions to a wide range of metalworking industries: from the steel industry and foundries to manufacturers working aluminium and other metals using manifold techniques (turning, milling or machining). BabtecQ can ensure not only that your products comply with all relevant quality standards, but also the ongoing satisfaction of your customers and the continuous improvement of your own business processes.

BabtecQ is suited for the support of European as well as international product standards for the metal industry, such as DIN EN ISO 9001. Encompassing all divisions concerned, BabtecQ helps your company to meet your customers' demands, regardless of their lines of business (including automotive suppliers, medical engineering and many others).


Part Approval Process Part Approval Process / PPAP / PPF Carry out initial sampling on the basis of defined inspection characteristics. In-Production Inspection In-Production Inspection / SPC Intuitive and practice-oriented planning and execution of test processes. Complaints Management Complaints Management Reduce complaints - for satisfied customers and optimized processes. Incoming Goods Outgoing Goods Incoming / Outgoing Goods Inspection Check incoming and outgoing goods - avoid additional costs and time. Overview Our Solutions With BabtecQ we provide you with all QM tools in one software.


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Simone Wagemeier
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