Are you already using an ERP or SAP solution within your company and are looking for CAQ software to complete your quality management? No problem. We offer compatible interfaces to solutions by renowned providers. With our standardized tools, you can even create interfaces to your own solutions developed in-house. The advantages of an integrated IT solution are self-evident: interfaces that are perfect for use in practice, easy connection, reliable exchanging of master data and dynamic data as well as prevention of redundancies. Together, we will develop the best strategy for implementing the appropriate QM solution for your company. And customizing gives us almost unlimited possibilities to offer tailor-made implementation.

Connecting Seamlessly to Your System Landscape

We guarantee a standardized database and event-triggered data exchange between your ERP system and our CAQ solution, all while taking your company’s business processes into consideration. Typical system integration in your ERP system consists of standard master data reconciliation and an event-triggered two-way exchange of quality-related dynamic data.

Babtec.SI/ERP is your configurable integration tool for PPS/ERP systems by all major providers. Even company-specific ERP systems can be connected. Our CAQ system thus reduces your organizational and administrative workloads and provides a uniform database. The integration tool can be used in incoming goods / outgoing goods, in-production inspection and complaints management.

Data are exchanged between an existing SAP system and BabtecQ in both directions. Integration is based on a SAP-certified and configurable integration solution. This enables cross-software support of quality and business processes. We also offer seamless connectivity to the portal for electronic ISIR used by Bosch. In the Part Approval Process module, you can import, process and manage target reports directly. The results are exported at the push of  a button. All ISIR data, including cover sheet information and inspection results, are thus made available for importing seamlessly into the portal. On the other hand, an intelligent interface to the sycat Process Designer ensures your audit management is perfectly aligned with sycat’s digital management system. This allows you to tranfer any process trees and structures directly into your audit management with the push of a button.

Element Q Quality Is Transitioning Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality. Integration Integration All quality tasks integrated in only one software solution. Collaboration Collaboration With the Qube you work together with your business partners on quality.
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