Quality as an Obligation

In our modern economy, quality is a must. Complex supply networks only work if all parties involved can rely on the agreed quality of the respective business partner. A complex set of rules of normative and legal standards, complemented by individual quality agreements, ensure day-to-day operations along the entire supply chain. Effective quality management is the gateway to these markets and equally a prerequisite for the successful and sustainable positioning of your company in the market. 

No Quality Is Not an Option

Defective products and unsatisfactory services not only damage the good customer relationship, they are also always associated with additional costs, extra work and possibly the loss of reputation. In times of digitalization, globalization and the associated rapid distribution of products, the pursuit of zero errors is becoming a critical business parameter. In order to work successfully, you must be well informed about quality-relevant factors and control them in every phase of product development and production. From initial planning through production to feedback from field use - only with controlled, optimized processes can you ensure the good quality of your products and comply with guidelines such as ISO 9001 or IATF 16949. 

As a quality specialist, we support you in optimally fulfilling your quality obligations in order to continuously improve your business relationships. Our solutions enable you to manage and control your internal and cross-company quality processes. We help you to detect and eliminate errors at an early stage, before they become a problem for your customer and result in follow-up costs. Thanks to its modular structure, the software can be optimally adapted to your current requirements. In our fully integrated solution, all relevant quality data is shared between FMEA, inspection planning, audit, complaint management, action management and many other modules. Continuously enhanced interfaces to third-party software, such as ERP, enable seamless connection to your existing system landscape. The cloud-based platform enables you to work together on quality with your business partners. In this way you manage a smooth process and set the course for a product quality that you are happy to share with your customers.

With our solutions you strengthen the quality of your products and processes:

Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality. Quality Is Transitioning Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality.