APQP Project Management

Carefully targeted project planning is essential in order to be able to ensure a high level of product quality. Gaps in the documentation or undetectable documents make planning good products more difficult. Furthermore, most product defects originate in the development and planning phase. It is therefore important to avoid failures early, so that they don’t have to be corrected later on at great expense. With APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), you prevent discrepancies by creating a structured project plan. This then maps the necessary actions as well as concrete processes within the relevant software module. In this way, you ensure at all times that your products meet the customer’s requirements.

Quality to Be Proud Of

Project planning and monitoring with APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
Project planning and monitoring with APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

Using our APQP software, create project plans with all the necessary project steps. Plan, manage and monitor all phases of the product development all the way to series production.

With APQP, manage centrally and with regard to the project status all the project-related data and documents that have been collected, for example, as part of an FMEA or Part Approval Process. The APQP module thereby fulfills the complete documentation required by the customer of all quality assurance actions. 

Step by Step to the Goal

With the help of a Gantt diagram, plan project steps to be carried out both sequentially as well as in parallel. Move and schedule project steps and entire sub-projects to the correct location conveniently by drag & drop. Keep an eye on milestones and establish dependencies between project steps. The APQP software’s integrated warning system reliably notifies you when deadlines have been exceeded, for example.

The software automatically generates tasks with responsibilities and deadlines for executing project steps. By using BabtecQ’s central Task Management, your employees can also document the tasks assigned to them without having to access the APQP project. In addition to access via our browser-based intranet solution, external project participants can collaborate directly on the APQP projects by connecting to the cloud platform BabtecQube.

Icon gear, lightning FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Identify and avoid potential errors during the development process. Icon cube, checkmark Part Approval Process / PPAP / PPF Carry out initial sampling on the basis of defined inspection characteristics. Icon broken cube, arrow Complaints Management Reduce complaints - for satisfied customers and optimized processes.
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