For Cooperation that Promotes Quality

The new software solutions from Babtec revolve around optimized cooperation between customers and suppliers. In addition, a product for managing employee qualifications will be presented at Control.

Good working relationships come with the prerequisite that goods are delivered to the customer in perfect condition. With the Qube.CHECK, customers and suppliers are linked with each other directly: Inspection data are recorded digitally and on the go via the cloud. The customer produces the inspection order and transfers it to the supplier so that the supplier can carry out focused checks. Goods which do not receive a positive inspection decision do not ever leave the premises. This is what good cooperation between business partners looks like: Both sides benefit.

With the Qube.CHECK, you can also record quality data on the go in your own company. It can be used to enable workers to work on digital checklists online and offline all over the world, to give an example. All of the recorded data can be evaluated centrally and used for process control.

Supplier assessments can be published digitally via the Supplier Cockpit. The foundation for successful supplier development is thus laid, specifically in view of the obligations from the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The supplier can track their own progress using the assessments made available to them and simultaneously give feedback on these assessments. This produces more transparency within cooperative partnerships.

Another standard requirement from DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 can be implemented with Qualification Management. Qualification requirements for individual activities can be managed in a personalized and company-specific manner. Thus proof can be provided for each employee, showing that they have the skills necessary for their activities. The validity period for certificates can be defined and each qualification can be completed with a specific proficiency. The status of individual employees can be seen at a glance using the qualification matrix.