Supplier Cockpit and Supplier Assessment

A product’s success depends on many factors. The quality of supplier’s products and the reliability of the suppliers themselves are definitely one of these factors. The Supplier Cockpit is a tool for supplier management that allows you to assess and classify suppliers. It helps detect risks early, enhance relationships with suppliers in a targeted manner and prevent extra costs due to inadequate performance by the supplier. Make the results of the assessments available to the supplier in order to continue to develop a positive long-term business relationship.

Classify Suppliers and Optimize Processes

Centralized Supplier Assessment Across All Areas
Supplier Assessment at a glance: the Supplier Cockpit in BabtecQ

The supplier assessment enables you to assess existing and new suppliers according to their individual suitability. Define the assessment method in accordance with your company’s specific criteria. The goal is to make available a qualified classification at any time (for example, according to A, B and C suppliers), so that the best suppliers can always be found. The supplier assessment software can help your company on this path to fewer complaints and more efficiency as well as improved product quality.

Define Individual Assessment Criteria

Decide yourself which areas are to be assessed based on specific key figures (e.g., Quality, Purchasing or Logistics) and at which time intervals the supplier assessment is to be carried out. Determine all the necessary criteria for each area as hard facts or soft facts. Hard facts are automatically determined from existing data, for example, from incoming goods inspections or complaints. By using the system's detailed assessment catalogs for soft facts, you can ensure that these inherently subjective assessments are also based on objective, traceable facts.

Enhance Transparency with the Supplier Cockpit In a central location, you get an overview of the current status of the supplier assessment and the determined key figures. If you are interested in more detailed information, you can view the basis on which a hard fact was determined at the touch of a button. Use the extensive supplier assessments to identify risks at an early stage and monitor the development of your suppliers.

Publicize Assessments via the Cloud

Supplier Assessment in the Cloud
In the BabtecQube you publicize assessments digitally via the cloud.

The Supplier Cockpit enables you to link to the BabtecQube and supports you in communicating results to your suppliers easily. You no longer need to send reports in paper format. You can share the current status of your supplier assessments, including the relevant comments and details, at the touch of a button via the cloud. Both your linked suppliers as well as you yourself receive a clearly laid-out dashboard in the BabtecQube.

The BabtecQube not only displays current key figures, but also shows how they have developed over the past few months or years. If necessary, the supplier assessment can also be downloaded and archived as a PDF report.

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