Qualification & Training Management

Companies are constantly evolving. Tasks change and new areas of responsibility emerge. Standards in quality management, particularly ISO 9001:2015, require documents that must be provided at certain intervals to verify skills and effectiveness. It is very time-consuming to regularly update the qualification statuses and skill levels of all employees while maintaining an overview of their skills and qualifications. Immediate and straightforward access to the desired entries is invaluable – on a daily basis as well as during audits. 

All Competencies at a Glance

Qualification Management
The Qualification Matrix provides a quick overview of the current qualification status of your employees

The software for Qualification Management allows you to track which qualifications will expire soon and will have to be renewed. With the Qualification Matrix, you can keep an eye on the current qualification status and skill level of your employees. Clear icons indicate whether the required qualifications are available. 

The minimum skills that have to be attained to perform a certain activity can be combined into Qualification Profiles. Any changes or upgrades that you make to the profiles only need to be carried out once, from a central point, and can then automatically be applied to all affected employees.

Document the Progress of Your Employees

You can easily manage any employee-related qualifications using Employee Profiles. Evaluate each employee’s current qualification or development status and document the currently attained level of skill using the employee profiles. In this way, you can immediately find out if qualifications have not yet been verified as required. 

You can ensure that your employees’ data is secure and protected by creating employee groups. These groups can be used to map out organizational structures such as departments and teams. This ensures that users can only access the profiles and data of employees that they are responsible for.

Plan and Document Training Courses

Training Management: overview of participans
Training participants, some of whom already have documented proof of effectiveness

Using Training Management, you can plan, manage and document employee training courses. No matter whether the training courses are internal or external, each planned training activity is recorded. In addition to content and purpose, you can individually define which qualifications are to be attained through the training course, and at what level of proficiency. The effectiveness of the training courses and the qualifications that have been gained from them, together with the related documents, are stored in the participant’s employee profile and are thus fully traceable. Upon request and if a test has been successfully passed, the software will automatically generate a certificate that you can customize to fit the particular training course. 


Identify Potentials Immediately

You will also be well prepared to take on future challenges, such as unplanned absences. Using the Potential Analysis, you can search for employees who have certain qualifications. Qualified employees can be found quickly in the case of future challenges or unplanned absences. You can customize search criteria based on qualifications and levels of proficiency. You will instantly receive live feedback on whether any employees fit the current search criteria, and if so, how many. You can save the search query so that you can use it again at a later point in time.


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