Incoming / Outgoing Goods Inspection

For many companies, incoming goods inspections and outgoing goods inspections are an obligation that is associated with high costs. And yet, proper inspection planning and processing provide numerous advantages. Defective goods result in extra costs and expenditure of time for both the customer and the supplier. At the same time, it is virtually impossible to manufacture high-quality products from inferior parts. Against this background, it is especially important that suppliers deliver their goods in perfect condition. Only an inspection based on sophisticated inspection plans provides certainty about the quality of the goods and minimizes the risk of a defective delivery or complaint. 

Inspection Planning Made Easy

Inspection of incoming and outgoing Goods
Overview of inspection decisions in a comparison between suppliers

Use BabtecQ to plan your inspection processes for incoming goods and outgoing goods effectively and practically. In doing so, create clearly structured, efficient inspection processes and support accurate performance of the inspection by using visual aids.  Due to the complete integration of individual software modules, complaints can be initiated right where they occur. If faults are discovered in the incoming goods inspection, it is possible to immediately initiate a supplier complaint. Furthermore, corrective actions can be specified here. Their follow-up is ensured via the central Action Management.

Minimize the expense for creating and managing your inspection plans by centrally managing recurring characteristics with family inspection plans. These characteristics can then easily be referenced in the dependent, item-specific inspection plans without having to entered over and over. In order to ensure that your inspection plans will work in the field, plausibility tests are available as well. If missing information or errors (e.g., in formulas) are discovered, the integrated warning system will lead you directly to the problem. Furthermore, benefit from the inspection process simulation function: In this way, you can play it safe and avoid time-consuming subsequent corrections in the inspection process.

Automatic dynamic inspection sampling based on sampling schemes will help you to effectively reduce your costs during extensive quality inspections while still ensuring a high delivery quality. This means a significant increase in efficiency. Based on inspection results from the past, users can reduce the number of parts to inspect individually as well as depending on the part. The software provides a graphic dynamic sampling history for clear traceability of the ongoing dynamic sampling.

Easy Integration Into Your ERP System

Due to efficient data exchange functions, existing company software such as an ERP system can be easily connected to BabtecQ, ensuring that all processes run smoothly. When incoming goods subject to inspection are posted in the ERP system, an inspection order can be automatically created in BabtecQ and assigned to the specified inspection station for processing. Here the inspection is then carried out based on the specified inspection plans. Finally, the result of the inspection and a usage decision can be reported back to the ERP system for further processing. In this way, security mechanisms such as QA quarantine warehouses can be implemented quickly and securely in inventory management. Warehouse postings are carried out after the inspection decision has been reported back to the ERP system.


Delegate and Process Inspection Plans via the Cloud

Inspections in the Qube
Process inspections digitally via the cloud

Imagine the following scenario: After weeks of waiting for delivery, an urgently needed replacement part from abroad has finally arrived. It was ordered in a large quantity and is scheduled for further production. However, after the incoming goods inspection, it is discovered that the delivered goods have major defects. A time- and cost-intensive process of reversing the transaction begins. Valuable weeks pass until the replacement delivery comes. 

With the cloud-based BabtecQube platform and the BabtecQube.CHECK service, users can cooperate more efficiently across companies. They have the option, for example, of delegating inspection orders and having them inspected directly at the business partner’s outgoing goods department. Thus, the crucial inspection is transferred from the customer’s incoming goods department to the supplier’s outgoing goods department, and defective goods never even leave the supplier’s premises. Extra costs and expenditure of time as well as the associated complaints are efficiently avoided. The service can also be deployed for many different purposes within a single company. Whether as a mobile inspection station or when inspecting large parts – data can be recorded immediately online or offline, regardless of the end device used, and serve as the basis for an inspection decision. 

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