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Sustainable success is not a coincidence. A strong and efficient company is built on the quality of their products. That’s why we support you in strengthening your quality for the long term. Our software solutions cover all modern quality management requirements – in your own company and across companies. Because quality is a team effort. Together, we shape the future of quality management in the digital age and secure sustainable success for our customers.

Solutions for Effective Quality Management

We manufacture and offer QM solutions for all quality tasks – as we have done for 25 years. As quality specialists, we have developed an all-round solution for quality management with our modular software BabtecQ. In addition, we offer Babtec Qube, a cloud-based platform with which you can interconnect with your suppliers and customers to edit your quality tasks. Our products allow you to depict the whole range of quality processes, both internal and across companies – for quality you will love to share.

Success Story - Neuenhauser Coming Full Circle With an all-round solution to optimized processes and high product quality. Complaints and Actions Q.Focus: Complaints & Actions Module integration in BabtecQ (Part 3 of 4) Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality. Quality Is Transitioning Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality. Babtec Insight 01 Babtec Insight In 7 steps to quality management software: take a look at the development of our solutions! Document Control Document Control Menschen bei Babtec People at Babtec Courageous, respectful, free: Discover the shared values of the Babtec team.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Availability of the Team

We hope that you, your family and your colleagues are well. We all have a big task ahead of us: we want to continue working together to optimize the quality of your processes and products, even – or especially – in these difficult times. Read more

Babtec Goes Munich!

Es ist offiziell: Wir eröffnen eine Geschäftsstelle in München. Ein Expertenteam aus erfahrenen und aus neuen Kollegen wird künftig für unsere bayrischen Qualitätspartner von der Geschäftsstelle im Viertel Messestadt Riem aus bereitstehen. Read more

The World of Quality Comes Together

With over 350 visitors, the Q.Events of the software manufacturer Babtec last year exceeded the previous record. The series of events focused not only on professional exchange, but also on current trends in quality management and product news. Read more
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