You implement quality processes operationally. We help you to do this efficiently.

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Cumbersome processes, error-prone data maintenance in manually compiled spreadsheets, and the great desire to be able to process it all faster. Does this sound familiar? Then you should look for a suitable QM software that supports you in collecting, monitoring and analyzing quality-relevant data – and also increases your efficiency and thus saves you time. Get to know our software solutions for your quality management now!

Product Worlds for Your Efficient QM

In the Sense of the Quality Control Loop: Plan – Do – Check – Act

Whatever industry you're in, you've probably heard of "Plan, Do, Check, Act" many times. It sounds so easy, but it's often not. Our software solutions for quality management support you in going through a quality control loop and getting a little better every time. In order to map interactions between individual quality tasks, the individual components of our solutions are naturally designed to be comprehensive.

You can choose between two product worlds. The question of all questions: How detailed can the quality control loop be?

Comprehensive QM Software BabtecQ

for all those who have high demands on the level of detail of their quality control loop.


  • Suitable for quality management with a high level of detail
  • Integration of all quality tasks in one software
  • Individual composition through modular structure
  • Problem-free connection to third-party software (ERP, MES, etc.) 
  • Customizing for company-specific requirements
  • Browser-based extension BabtecQ Go for cross-departmental collaboration can be used additionally

Quality processes to be mapped

A total of 21 modules: Requirements Management, APQP, Audits, Task and Action Management, CAD Integration, CAPA, Checklists, Control Plan, Document Control, Initial Sampling, Production Inspection, FMEA, Maintenance, Supplier Assessment, Gage Management, Process Management, Qualification and Training Management, Complaints Management, Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspection, Warranty Management, Quality Cockpit


  • Consulting
  • Project support
  • Customizing
  • Software update
  • Support
  • Academy trainings


Depending on the required modules, interfaces and customizing needs;
you will receive an individual offer on request

Get to know BabtecQ now

Lean QM Software BabtecQube

for all those who have less high demands on the level of detail of their quality control loop.


  • Fulfills the need for field-proven, out-of-the-box standard tools
  • Intuitive and location-independent usability on all end devices
  • Promotes cross-company collaboration thanks to cloud technology
  • No connection to third-party software; only import and export function

Quality processes to be mapped

A total of 5 services: Complaints & Deviations, Goods Inspections & Checklists, Equipment & Gages, Tasks & Actions, Analyses


  • Software update
  • Support


Basic account free of charge; premium subscription from €29 per month per user

Get to know BabtecQube now

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In Which Industry are You at Home?

Whatever it may be, at Babtec you will find the right solution for your requirements. You benefit from the fact that we can now look back on more than 25 years of experience. During this time, we have been able to support customers from a wide range of industries. Industry-specific requirements that go beyond the standard software can be easily integrated into the comprehensive BabtecQ QM software through our customizing.

Industries in Which Our Core Competencies Lie

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Automotive Suppliers and Aerospace Industry

Internationally, suppliers to the automotive and rail industries, shipbuilding or aerospace are subject to strict requirements – both by standards and by customer specifications. Are you one of them? With Babtec, you fulfill all relevant requirements from DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949 as well as guidelines according to AIAG and VDA.
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Electronics and Electrical Engineering

The electrical industry is one of the national export champions. Regardless of whether capacitor or cable manufacturing, semiconductor or assembly production: with Babtec, you fulfill relevant requirements from DIN EN ISO 9001 or industry-specific guidelines such as the IPC or the VDE.
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Consumer Products Packaging Industry

Consumer goods are as diverse as the needs they fulfill. In addition to compliance with normative requirements such as DIN EN ISO 9001, Babtec's supply chain management sustainably supports the entire product life cycle of consumer goods – from incoming goods to production to complaints and action management.
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Plastics Industry

With a constant stream of new materials and innovations, the plastics industry is one of the most versatile sectors of all. Whether injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming or thermoforming processes – with Babtec you can produce in compliance with standards for requirements from the automotive, industrial or consumer goods sectors to medical technology.
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Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Companies in all industries rely on machines for their own production. Compliance with all current standards ensures that the improvement of products and processes is continuous. From idea and design to engineering, manufacturing and customer support, Babtec provides a valuable set of tools for engineering companies.
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Metal Industry

Modern industry would be unthinkable without metals and those who process them. From the steel industry to foundries, aluminum processing companies and a wide variety of metalworking methods – Babtec is suitable for meeting European and international metalworking product standards, such as DIN EN ISO 9001.
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Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology are subject to high liability requirements. In the interests of safety and patient protection, validation is required in accordance with guidelines such as those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With Babtec, you can implement normative requirements as well as legal regulations worldwide.

Babtec Users Report

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Babtec's QM software allows us to track the entire product creation process: from incoming goods to the inspection during production. In addition, the relationship between us and our suppliers benefits from the clear communication and targeted dispatch of the specification documents.
Thomas Mandroschek, Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik GmbH
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In order to provide the best possible support for all quality tasks, we opted for a comprehensive BabtecQ module package. The seamless correspondence of the modules ensures an efficient workflow. The most important measurable successes now include visibly improved process quality.
Julian Dannoritzer, DANNORITZER Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG (DANmed)
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