Reforestation: Babtec Plants 100 Trees

Our annual team event "Come Together" once again had an environmentally friendly component last year: During a scavenger hunt through Wuppertal, the Babtec team unlocked the planting of one hundred trees by creatively solving tasks. These trees were planted at the beginning of the current planting season in the Taunus region.

Come Together in Wuppertal

Small Babtec seedlings in the Taunus

Once a year, our entire team from Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland comes together and celebrates the team spirit across locations with a joint event. Last year, Babtec employees explored Wuppertal in a big scavenger hunt and solved many creative tasks. The highlight: the aim was to achieve a certain number of points together and thus unlock the planting of one hundred trees. Once again, the Babtec team proved its worth: We can do creativity, team spirit and humor! And so the minimum number of points was not only achieved, but far exceeded. So nothing stood in the way of planting the trees.


Babtec Trees in the Taunus

Babtec team members with the "Future Forest Tree Certificate" in front of a leafy green background.
We received a "Future Forest Tree Certificate" for the planting.

At the beginning of the current planting period, i.e. in November 2023, the one hundred trees were planted in the Taunus, Brombach district (which, incidentally, is located just 35 km from our office in Frankfurt am Main). The forest in the Taunus is in great need of reforestation, as the condition of the forest is not good. Like so many German forests, the Taunus forest is also struggling with spruce decline. The reforestation of the damaged areas is now focusing on climate-resilient tree species such as sessile oaks, beeches and European white elms. And these obviously feel very comfortable in their new home – the little saplings are certainly thriving.