You care a lot about the interaction of your IT systems. So do we.

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We all know it: data is becoming increasingly important. And with it, various software solutions, systems and servers. New IT solutions that make it into your in-house system landscape must of course be compatible with the solutions you already have. We would probably feel the same way. That's why we create transparency right from the start and show you which technologies we rely on with our software and how well it fits in with your existing in-house systems.

Technologies Underlying the Software

BabtecQ – the Comprehensive Software for Quality

  • The on-premises software BabtecQ as well as its browser-based extension BabtecQ Go access the same business and database servers within your own company.
  • While you call BabtecQ via the Windows client, you use BabtecQ Go in the browser-based frontend and are thus independent of the local installation with this extension.
  • A connection to third-party software such as ERP, CRM or MES systems as well as to machines and measuring equipment is easily possible via our interfaces.

BabtecQube – the Lean Software for Quality

  • With our cloud-based software BabtecQube, we rely on the cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure, which is continuously monitored by Microsoft. If potential threats arise, Microsoft, as an international hardware and software developer, responds quickly and competently.
  • Azure's data security complies with EU standards and is extensively certified, including by the C5 catalog of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Data is transmitted in accordance with proven SSL encryption.
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The BabtecQ QM software and its browser-based extension BabtecQ Go use the same business and database servers. Connection to third-party software such as ERP, CRM or MES systems as well as to machines and measuring equipment is possible without any problems. The BabtecQube collaboration platform also enables collaboration with suppliers and customers in the cloud. The BabtecQube is open to everyone: not only BabtecQ users and their customers and suppliers, but also any company that wants to digitalize its quality processes and be part of a network for quality.

6 Good Reasons for Standard Software

1. Availability
While an individual solution must first be developed at great expense, standard software is available and ready for use promptly or even immediately.

2. Cost saving
By choosing standard software, you save high costs that you would have incurred if you had had custom software tailored to your needs.

3. Proven methods
By using standard software, you benefit from generally accepted and proven methods that are already firmly anchored and tested in it.

4. Collaboration
When you and your business partners use the same standard software, it enables you to collaborate more easily across company boundaries.

5. Updates
We keep an eye on changes in normative or legal requirements and adapt our software accordingly with the next update.

6. Customizing
You don't have to completely forego individuality in any case: by means of customizing, even standard software can be adapted to your company-specific processes.

Connectivity to Your Existing Systems


With the "Babtec.CONNECT" extension, data can be transferred from your ERP system to BabtecQ. You maintain your master data in your ERP system; changes made are automatically visible in BabtecQ. Transaction data is also exchanged between the two systems, facilitating interaction between your ERP and CAQ systems. Data is usually exchanged using one of the following technological options:

  • ASCII files
  • SQL transfer table
  • Web service, documented according to the OpenAPI Standard

Which technology is used and how many resources are required for this depends very much on the systems used in your company and your requirements for the interface. Please contact us to define the scope of the project tailored to your needs. Further information on our interface solution "Babtec.CONNECT" can also be found in our product sheet.

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With the BabtecQube, we provide an immediately available standard software for which no individual customizings are planned. Therefore, there is currently no possibility to connect our cloud-based QM software to third-party software.

However, import and export functions are available that allow you to easily store master data such as addresses, equipment types, equipment locations, articles, errors and causes in BabtecQube via a CSV file and also export it from there – for example, to use the data elsewhere.

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Your Investment Is Safe

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You ensure the sustainable success of the company.

In order to meet the customer's expectations and stand out from competing products, quality is an essential factor. However, a high-quality end product can only be guaranteed by consistently high quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our QM software supports the management of these processes by digitalizing all internal and cross-company quality processes.
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You create more time for other things.

Quality processes are associated with a high level of personnel and time expenditure. Our software solutions provide a remedy here: they support your employees in the control cycle in monitoring and analyzing quality-relevant data, ultimately saving time and money.
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You can customize the software continuously.

We live in a dynamic world. So, of course, your business processes may evolve. The comprehensive QM software BabtecQ is modular, so that you can add modules or fall back on customizing as needed. Thanks to the flexible subscription model of the BabtecQube QM platform, it is possible to switch to the comprehensive software at this point, should you value a higher level of detail in the mapping of your quality processes over time.
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They ensure up-to-dateness through regular releases.

Once purchased or subscribed to a software, it gets older and older and loses its topicality? You don't have to worry about that, because our regular releases ensure that our software solutions always remain up-to-date. On the one hand, we align our releases with the development of normative requirements; on the other hand, we also welcome customer feedback and check to what extent we can incorporate it.
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You will find in us a reliable partner.

You benefit from our extensive experience, because we have already been active on the market as a manufacturer and provider of software solutions for quality management for over 25 years. Many customers before you have already chosen Babtec software and, with their feedback, have ensured release after release that we continue to improve. With our product worlds, you can map the entire spectrum of internal and cross-company quality processes – for quality that is a pleasure to share.

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