It is essential for the manufacture of high-quality products that the monitoring of the production processes is planned in detail. Furthermore, the resulting quality assurance actions should be fully documented along the entire value-creation chain. The control plan contains all precautions that must be taken to ensure the required quality of the end product. Use our dynamic control plan as part of your advanced quality planning to plan and document all quality-related process and inspection steps for your products.

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Control Plan
Control Plan integration in the inspection planning

Users benefit from the comprehensive integration of the BabtecQ modules. You can easily derive a control plan from the information of the preceding process FMEA. This means that all inspection-related product and process characteristics are immediately available in the control plan. The FMEA and control plan use the same database. As a result, no time-consuming and error-prone synchronization of the data is necessary. 

Also use the control plans to generate inspection plans and instructions for safely executing quality inspections for incoming goods, during production as well as for outgoing goods. The inspection plans are based not only on the existing control plan data. Characteristics are dynamically interlinked upon generation and thus can also serve as a basis for change management. 

If changes have been made to a control plan or inspection plan, BabtecQ’s integrated warning system becomes active. The system automatically generates a task for each linked document so that you can ensure whether the applied changes have been adopted correctly there. All changes are visualized in the form of an easy-to-understand version comparison. You will consequently not have to carry out a time-consuming inspection of several document versions.

FMEA FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Identify and avoid potential errors during the development process. In-Production Inspection In-Production Inspection / SPC Intuitive and practice-oriented planning and execution of test processes. Gage Management Gage Capability Test Gage Management and Gage Capability Test Ensure the quality of measurement processes and gages.
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