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The use of a CAQ solution is promising: the company gains a competitive advantage through improved product quality, a reduced reject rate and increased efficiency. There are different types of CAQ solutions that companies can choose from, e.g. standalone CAQ software or CAQ modules from ERP providers. The costs depend on the type of solution chosen as well as individual requirements. Depending on the type of solution, integration into the system landscape is possible or even necessary. This offers many advantages and is usually supported by CAQ providers.

We at Babtec know what we are talking about. As a CAQ provider with over 25 years of experience and two promising CAQ software solutions, we offer you various options for what you are looking for.

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Success through CAQ

Why Are Companies More Successful with CAQ Software?

In general, it can be said that companies that establish a quality management system have a clear advantage. In the worst case, quality management can of course also be implemented with numerous tables, forms and e-mails. But in the end, there is one thing that really makes a company more successful: the use of professional CAQ software. And there are good reasons for this:

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Improved product quality
CAQ software enables precise monitoring and control of the production process. This enables companies to identify problems that could lead to defects at an early stage.
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Reduced reject rate
The early identification of defects minimizes the rejection of faulty products. This enables companies to reduce production costs and increase profitability.
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Increased efficiency
Quality assurance processes can be automated with the help of CAQ software. This reduces human error and also saves time and resources.
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Compliance and certification
CAQ software makes it easier to comply with industry-specific standards and regulations. Companies may gain access to new markets and customers that require certain standards.
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Data-based decision making
Optimizing processes and promoting continuous improvement – not really purposeful without a database. CAQ software collects extensive data about the production process, which serves as the basis for decisions.

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Software Solutions

What Types of CAQ Software Are There?

Standalone CAQ Software

Standalone CAQ software is an independent CAQ application that has been specially developed for quality management, quality assurance and quality control. It usually contains comprehensive functions that can be used to map quality processes in a wide range of companies in a high level of detail.

CAQ Modules in ERP Systems

Some ERP software companies offer CAQ modules for their ERP system, which companies can also use. The advantage that it is already one and the same system is offset by a significant disadvantage: The provider is not focused on the core business of quality management. This could have an impact on the level of detail of the CAQ solution.

Cloud-based CAQ Platforms

There are now also some cloud-based CAQ platforms that can be accessed web-based and therefore offer a high degree of flexibility. The advantage of such a solution is that you do not need your own IT infrastructure. Conversely, however, there is less scope for individualizing the CAQ solution.

Mobile CAQ Apps

Mobile CAQ apps are ideal for carrying out quality inspections on site and entering results directly into a CAQ system. However, as quality processes are sometimes very extensive and go beyond the mere recording of individual inspection values, mobile CAQ apps are often primarily recommended as an extension of another CAQ solution.

Which CAQ Solution Is Right for Me?

Which solution is the most suitable for the company in which you operate depends on various factors. These include, for example, the type of products manufactured, the size of the company, the existing IT infrastructure and, of course, the available budget. The eight key questions will help you to clarify your requirements for a CAQ solution.

8 Key Questions to Help You Find the Right Solution

Mind map with aspects for selecting CAQ software
  1. What specific quality objectives does your company pursue?
    First, clarify the most important goals you want to achieve with your quality management. This could be, for example, improving product characteristics or increasing productivity.
  2. How complex are the manufactured products?
    In this context, consider how detailed the quality control needs to be. Complex products require a higher level of detail in control.
  3. What resources do you have available for implementation and maintenance?
    Check your IT resources and the extent to which you could implement and maintain CAQ solutions yourself in the long term. This will also indicate, for example, which additional services you would need to use from a CAQ provider.
  4. Are there existing IT systems that need to be integrated?
    Consider whether and to what extent the CAQ solution should be integrated into your existing IT systems, such as ERP.
  5. Should the CAQ solution be site-based or cloud-based?
    Decide whether you would prefer a CAQ solution that is installed in your company's internal network/IT structure or whether you would like to use a cloud-based solution. Also consider security and access requirements that are important to you.
  6. Which quality tasks do you want to map in the CAQ solution?
    List all relevant areas accordingly in order to check their availability in the CAQ solution.
  7. Which reporting and analysis functions are required?
    Define what kind of reporting and analysis functions are required to effectively use the quality data for your needs.
  8. How important is the scalability of the solution to you?
    Consider the growth potential of your organization and whether the CAQ solution can keep up with your future needs.

What Costs Do I Need to Budget for CAQ Software?

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It is important to note that in most cases, costs are incurred not only for the introduction of CAQ software, but also for its ongoing maintenance and updates. The exact costs depend on the type of CAQ solution and the individual requirements that a company places on it. For this reason, it is usually not possible for CAQ providers to define a cost point without knowing the exact requirements.

The following aspects usually determine the costs incurred:

  • License fees (depending on the number of users and functions)
  • Implementation (installation, configuration and, if necessary, individual customizations)
  • Training (to empower the software users)
  • Hardware components (if required)
  • Data migration (if a solution is already in place and data needs to be transferred)
  • Maintenance & updates
  • Support
Tip: How to Convince the Management

Tip: How to Convince the Management

Would you like to introduce a CAQ solution? Perhaps you have already decided on a CAQ software? And now it's time to get the go-ahead from the management in a final step?

In principle, investing in CAQ software is worthwhile simply because of the business benefits mentioned above – which should be reason enough for the management to listen to your plans. The following tips can help you to justify the investment in CAQ software to the management:

  • Clearly explain the advantages of CAQ software and its influence on the company's success.
  • Organize a presentation of the CAQ solution of your choice to demonstrate its functionality and user-friendliness.
  • Define measurable goals that you can achieve and measure with the CAQ software.
  • Refer to case studys and references provided by the CAQ provider of your choice, for example.

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Integration into the System Landscape: What Are the Arguments in Favor?

If companies opt for a CAQ module from their ERP provider or a cloud-based QM platform, the effort required to implement the CAQ solution is limited. If the decision is made in favor of standalone CAQ software, the effort initially seems high – but so does the potential: you benefit from the high level of detail of a sophisticated and comprehensive CAQ solution. At the same time, its integration into your existing system landscape improves data accuracy through the seamless exchange of systems and avoids data duplication.

But you don't have to worry: technical support and project management to assist with the implementation of the CAQ software are – at least in the case of standalone CAQ software – in most cases part of the service offered by the CAQ provider.

Tip: This Information Is Important for Your Inhouse IT

To be able to use a CAQ solution properly, its system requirements must harmonize with your system landscape. Of course, this applies in particular to a possible integration of the solution into the existing system landscape.

When selecting a CAQ solution, it is therefore good advice to consult with the in-house IT department, which has the upper hand over the system landscape in the company. The following aspects are usually important for IT:

  • System requirements of the CAQ software
  • Description of desired interfaces with other systems
  • Data migration (should existing data be fed in?)
  • Security standards of the CAQ software such as encryption, authentication, access rights
  • Authorization management and assignment of user accounts and rights
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Support and maintenance options from the software provider
  • Schedule and project management for the introduction of the CAQ software

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CAQ Software from Babtec

Babtec Product Worlds: The Choice Is Yours

You want to achieve the best results for your product or service in terms of quality – we want to provide you with the best possible support. That's why we offer you the choice between two product worlds: BabtecQ supports comprehensive quality management with a high level of detail and the best process integration for your company. The cloud-based BabtecQube fulfills the desire for tried-and-tested, intuitive and immediately available standard tools.

Comprehensive QM Software BabtecQ

for all those who have high demands on the level of detail of their quality control loop.


  • Suitable for quality management with a high level of detail
  • Integration of all quality tasks in one software
  • Individual composition through modular structure
  • Problem-free connection to third-party software (ERP, MES, etc.) 
  • Customizing for company-specific requirements
  • Browser-based extension BabtecQ Go for cross-departmental collaboration can be used additionally

Quality processes to be mapped

A total of 21 modules: APQP, Requirements Management, Audits, Task and Action Management, CAD Integration, CAPA, Checklists, Control Plan, Document Control, Initial Sampling, Production Inspection, FMEA, Maintenance, Supplier Assessment, Gage Management, Process Management, Qualification and Training Management, Complaints Management, Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspection, Warranty Management, Quality Cockpit


  • Consulting
  • Project support
  • Customizing
  • Software update
  • Support
  • Academy trainings


Depending on the required modules, interfaces and customizing needs;
you will receive an individual offer on request

Get to know BabtecQ now

BabtecQ on the laptop

Lean QM Software BabtecQube

for all those who have less high demands on the level of detail of their quality control loop.


  • Fulfills the need for field-proven, out-of-the-box standard tools
  • Intuitive and location-independent usability on all end devices
  • Promotes cross-company collaboration thanks to cloud technology
  • No connection to third-party software; only import and export function

Quality processes to be mapped

A total of 5 services: Complaints & Deviations, Goods Inspections & Checklists, Equipment & Gages, Tasks & Actions, Analyses


  • Software update
  • Support


Basic account free of charge; premium subscription from €29 per month per user

Get to know BabtecQube now

BabtecQube on the laptop, tablet and smartphone

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