Q.Magazine 2021/22

Download the digital edition of Q.Magazine 2021/22 as a PDF and discover many more articles on the topics we have focused on in this year's magazine:

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Q.Magazine 2021/22
In our web version of Q.Magazine 2021/22 you will find all the exciting articles on the topics of ecosystem for quality, quality management, culture change and Babtec Insights. Download now!
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Ecosystem for Quality
The forest, with its 400 million years of experience, is an example to us of how to shape a structure of relationships for the benefit of all concerned. This idea can be transferred to quality management.
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Quality Management
What's new in quality management? Here you will find exciting information about this and also case studies that show how our customers master their quality management.
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Cultural Change
Times change – and so does our corporate culture. We want to focus on mistakes: Are mistakes really bad? How can change management be successful?
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Babtec Insight
What's new at Babtec and what moves us in our day-to-day work is what we would like to show you in our Babtec Insights with small insights – whether in an interview or by means of a photo gallery.

Ecosystem for Quality

Green office building Interview: The “Ecosystem for Quality” in Everyday Working Life Lutz Krämer in an interview: How can the idea of an ecosystem be applied to quality management? Hands hold several gears together How Management Systems Contribute to the Ecosystem for Quality Read the BloQ article to see how management systems provide a common foundation for the ecosystem for quality. A man uses the Internet of Things to control processes in the factory Internet of Things: A Different Form of Collaboration Read more about what exactly the Internet of Things is and whether it has an impact on quality management in the BloQ article.

Quality Management

Wooden blocks with the letters "ISO" under a magnifying glass No Revision of ISO 9001. A Statement by Benedikt Sommerhoff Benedikt Sommerhoff explains why he would have thought a revision of ISO 9001:2015 was the right thing to do at this time. A diver in front of an ISO9001 lettering ISO 9001:XY? – A Dive with Four Tips No revision of ISO 9001 – but still a lot to do! On a dive into ISO 9001:2015 with Dr. Markus Reimer. Employees work together at the WILD Group Smart Collaboration in the Cloud In the case study, WILD GmbH reports on its experiences with the cloud-based platform BabtecQube. Team uses sticky notes for failure analysis The Ishikawa Diagram – A Quality Tool for Failure Analysis The Ishikawa diagram is one of the most important methods for failure analysis in quality management. Keyboard with an ISO 9001 key with a confirming check mark is pressed. ISO 9001 – No Revision in the Near Future Read the details and a look ahead to the coming years in the BloQ article!

Cultural Change

Employees, symbolized by wooden figures, collectively follow set rules 9 Arenas of Digitalization: Context and Morals In this BloQ article, you will find out why a quality policy is decisive for sustainable success and must also be morally justifiable. A man detects an error Bad Failurs, Good Faliures- What Kind of Failure Culture Would You Like? Read the BloQ article for perspectives we can cast on error cultures. Dagmar Henkel, HR Manager of the software manufacturer Babtec Women in Leadership: The Strengths of Women Must Be Utilized More Effectively Read the BloQ article on women in leadership, untapped potential and to-dos for companies.

Babtec Insight

Sales Consultant Maximilian Wittgenstein reports on complaints in BabtecQ and BabtecQube. My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ and BabtecQube: Complaints Sales Consultant Maximilian Wittgenstein reports on complaints in BabtecQ with connection to the BabtecQube. Product manager Felix Krause reports on the guided 8D report My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ: the Guided 8D Report Product Manager Felix Krause talks about the guided 8D report, part of the "Complaint Management" module in BabtecQ. Graphic with a heart and a portrait picture of Anna Heinemann My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ: the Dashboard The Babtec team introduces favorite features in BabtecQ quality management software. Interview with HR Director Dagmar Henkel How New Work and the Pandemic Change Our Working World Read all about the impact of the pandemic on our working world and New Work in our BloQ interview.

Q.Magazine 2021/22

Would you like to browse through Q.Magazin 2021/22? Then feel free to download the digital version here.

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