Working Pleasantly at Babtec – Now Also in the South!

"If you stop getting better, you stop being good." (Philip Rosenthal)


Because we live and work according to this motto, the redesign of our workplaces goes into the next round! This time it is the turn of the Babtec South office in Villingen-Schwenningen. Freshly renovated, partly converted and equipped with electrically height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs, our southern colleagues can now work even better and healthier!

After we already reported about the successful reconstruction of our support department in the Babtec headquarters in Wuppertal in October, we can now announce the next innovation boost! The Southern office in Villingen-Schwenningen was also rebuilt by our interior team, equipped to the latest standards and lovingly designed.

First of all, of course, we had to rewire the cables and paint the walls properly. Then the furniture had to be upgraded: fourteen "work places" were newly equipped, with height-adjustable tables at the touch of a button and ergonomic chairs for three-dimensional sitting. And the orange acoustic walls give the whole interior the Babtecian good mood kick! Furthermore, the "Free Spaces", our small oases of peace or exchange - freely available to every employee - have been completely renewed. Our southern employees now have a quiet zone for a break from their desk or a relaxed telephone call, a meeting zone for the spontaneous get-together and, as heart of the project, a couch zone including a dartboard and game console for a little rest with colleagues. Work hard, play hard!

Excursus "Three-dimensional sitting"

Perhaps you also stumbled across the term "three-dimensional sitting"? At least that's how it went for us; we asked ourselves what distinguishes this type of sitting and whether it's even possible to sit in two dimensions. Reason enough for us to do some research!

That physical exercise is good and really important for our health is not a secret. Nor will it surprise you that, according to a Forsa survey, the average employee sits seven hours a day. It is, of course, important to try out alternative ways of working, for example by using desks that can be converted into stand-up tables. No less important, however, is a good, ergonomic desk chair. And in connection with these ergonomic desk chairs, the term "three-dimensional sitting" is used again and again.

The aim of three-dimensional sitting is to bring as much movement as possible into everyday office life, even when sitting. According to Ingo Froböse, University Professor for Prevention and Rehabilitation at the Sports University Cologne, activation and stimulation are the keys to fitness and well-being.

The preliminary stage of three-dimensional sitting is actually two-dimensional sitting. The latter describes the bending and stretching of the torso by the classic linear variable backrest. In the meantime, however, biomechanical analyses of the body have shown that the three-dimensional movements of the hip, which activate the entire muscular and skeletal system, are the most important.

For three-dimensional sitting, the spring mechanism of gymnastic balls is built into the office chair and supplemented with stabilizers for balance to prevent fatigue or muscle tension. This new way of building office chairs, which was developed and tested with sports scientists, not only promotes the conventional two-dimensional flexion and extension of the upper body, but also the lateral and free rotation of the hips. This is called three-dimensional sitting.