The Future of CAQ Software: BabtecCAQ R6

"The future in CAQ starts today" – with this claim the renowned software provider Babtec opens at the 2011 Control trade show. These words announce a new version of BabtecCAQ, a computer-aided quality management system which allows users to future-proof their quality-related processes.

Other than in usual CAQ solutions, where more features are just added to a monolithic software, BabtecCAQ R6 follows a revolutionary new path: during a large-scale project that spanned several years of development, more than 15 years of Babtec expertise in innovation have been forged into cutting-edge software technology.

The result is completely based on Microsoft .NET. Thus the way is paved for the customers' future: through its innovative three-tier architecture, the system is completely scalable. It serves companies of any size – from small and medium-sized enterprises up to world-spanning corporations.

The software features intuitive user interfaces and meets even the highest expectations concerning ergonomics and design. BabtecCAQ R6 offers support to the users where they need it most – where time frames for product development and production are made ever smaller while the product quality has to meet ever higher requirements.

It is here that the new software can help by offering enduring process support. A central task management system with integrated workflows guarantees a seamless collaboration across all departments and production sites. All functional areas are integrated in order to enable a process-oriented workflow – consistently standards-conformant, of course.

This new CAQ system shows its readiness for future challenges e.g. with an FMEA tool which opens a new dimension of integrated quality planning and assurance. The FMEA is directly interlinked with the Control Plan and the computer-aided test planning, also incorporating the execution and monitoring of any corrective or preventive measures attached. Thus BabtecCAQ R6 supports company-specific workflows intuitively, especially in terms of continuous improvement.

The centralized management of complaints and tasks provides another future-proof feature in BabtecCAQ R6. Workflow support for instance guarantees that, for high customer satisfaction, complaints are answered promptly while their causes are removed. All employees concerned with this process benefit from a high grade of involvement via web-based technologies.

With BabtecCAQ R6 all quality-related processes can be planned, documented and controlled using one consistent database. The system automatically generates information from this raw data: evaluations, reports and key figures can be freely put together and distributed to all employees involved via the intranet or e-mail.

Since 1994 renowned CAQ provider Babtec Informations-systeme GmbH has been consulting manufacturing companies of all industry lines, supplying them with complete software solutions for advance quality planning, quality assurance and quality management. True to its motto "The future in CAQ starts today", Babtec will for the first time present its new solution to the public at the Control 2011 trade show.