See What's Going On Immediately

Key figures are essential control tools for companies. They use them to get accurate evaluations of their performance and increase their awareness of risks and opportunities. Babtec's new Quality Cockpit software tool brings together all the most important key figures on the screen, in one compact overview.

It is a core tool for displaying key figures in a clear and easily-understood way. It automatically provides networked information about the quality of processes and products in real time. In the display, the status of the individual key figures is not only shown in quantitative terms, but also rated using unique traffic light colors.

The Quality Cockpit can be configured to suit the individual needs of the user, depending on their area of responsibility. This ensures that every person in a position of responsibility always has access to all the information they need for decision-making, no matter whether they are a quality manager audit or managing director. Also available is the "Key Figures Suite". This is a huge selection of predefined database queries, filters and formulae. It contains templates developed from around 1,000 CAQ installations, which provide a solid basis for creating a reliable key figures system.

External data sources can also be integrated alongside the existing company-wide QM system. For example, data from ERP systems, Excel files and other databases can also be accessed. The generated key figures sharpen the awareness of indicators that are critical to success and make the Quality Cockpit a powerful tool for company management. The tool is seamlessly integrated in the Babtec.Q QM software.