Refreshingly healthy!

Everybody on board: yesterday, our team in Dresden was out on a relaxing paddle tour in the Spreewald. In the shadows of the trees and surrounded by the cold water of the Spree, the warmest day of the week could be endured very well.

Gesunde Ernährung bei Babtec

Today, we start the next refreshing round with a health day. Together we prepare a vitamin-rich breakfast. A nutrition expert advises us and gives us tips on how to prepare snacks that are delicious and healthy at the same time.


It' all about balance

Afterwards, our colleagues can have their relaxation ability measured. The BARMER GEK "Balance Check" does not require you to balance on one leg. Instead, stress is measured using computer-aided methods. Individual stress and regenerative ability are monitored on the basis of the heart rate. Simple exercises can also be used to train relaxation in stressful situations.

Or is it a matter of the mind?

The crowning glory of our health day is a unit of brain-fit. Through brain jogging, we ensure that our grey cells remain top fit. The exercises are ideal for an active mini break at work – so that we can go through the day full of energy and creativity.