Quality Supply Chain Provides Competitive Advantages

Globalization, individualization and digitalization place increasing pressure on the supply chain and the companies involved in it. The quality of products and processes plays a significant role in this. Therefore, software provider Babtec focuses on quality management within the supply chain in order to connect its participants via a “Quality Supply Chain”.

The cross-company digitalization of processes within quality management is breaking new ground and offers huge benefits for the customer. Digitalization enables customers to connect with suppliers on Babtec Qube, a cloud-based platform, in order to optimize the quality of their products and processes together.

Companies process complaints together with their business partners at any time, anywhere, on any device and in real time. They work on this directly in the web-based Qube. Working in the Qube is easy and intuitive, thanks to its smart interfaces. Complaints can be logged easily and reported back in digital 8D report format. All suppliers can process the 8D report immediately. As the QDX standard format is used for this, limitless connections can be built to other systems in the future.

Special emphasis is being placed on warranty management, particularly in the automotive industry. In order counter the possibly extensive warranty claims of their clients, suppliers need valid analyses of huge amounts of data. Babtec’s Warranty Management assists in the systematic processing of field data – from standardizing different customer formats to field data analysis with isochrone curves. A supplier capable of doing this distinguishes itself as a more competent, better qualified and stronger business partner within the supply chain.

Web-based Quality Cockpits provide information on all the relevant key performance indicators for the quality supply chain, automatically and in real time. All significant data can be integrated from QM/ERP systems, excel files and other databases. The Q.Navigator enables advanced analyses to be carried out on product-based or address-based data. To give an example of what this system is capable of, the buyer needs only one query to receive the relevant information before the next meeting with the supplier. Whether you need information about complaints, inspection orders or supplier assessments: The Q.Navigator provides you with all the information you need at the push of a button.

All offers from Babtec can be integrated with each other seamlessly. They ensure quality throughout the supply chain of the future. With a collective focus on quality, the connected companies produce real added value.

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