Q.Infotag Anniversary Edition

In June, the time had finally come for us to celebrate Babtec Austria's birthday! In 2021, our location in Austria turned 10 years old. At that time, an anniversary event was not yet justifiable for us due to the pandemic situation, but this summer we made up for it.

On June 23, 2022, we met in an exclusive box at one of the most modern racetracks in the world, the Red Bull Ring in beautiful Upper Styria. Our team had prepared a varied mix of highlights of our software solutions for quality management as well as interesting guest lectures around the topic of quality for the 60 participants.

Dr. Wolfgang Danzer, lecturer at the Technical University of Graz and Chief Quality Officer at the Austrian chain manufacturer PEWAG Austria, gave the starting signal. Right at the beginning, his lecture gave our guests important and exciting impulses on the top topic of "sustainability and its requirements", which every company has to deal with today. Accordingly, the participants of our Q.Infotag responded positively to Danzer's suggestions.

After a short pit stop, we continued with an insight into the use of the BabtecQ quality management software at the aviation company FACC Operations by its Vice President Quality André Härtelt and his colleague Christian Sallaberger (GL PfQ Process Improvement). The two gave our visitors a remarkably honest and open insight into the corporate world before and after the introduction of the software. The participants were particularly positive about the fact that the challenges and risks of a large CAQ implementation were discussed without glossing over them, which provided real added value for the visitors' own projects.

Team Babtec Austria
Speaker presents the software BabtecQ
Interior shot room

After the joint lunch break, there was a special program item. After all, what would Babtec Austria be without our customers, some of whom have been optimizing their quality with us for many years. We awarded the first Babtec customer from Austria HTP, the manufacturer of high-tech products in the field of plastics technology, which has been managing its quality processes with our QM software since 2001, i.e. twice as long as Babtec Austria has existed. Also honored was the first official customer of Babtec Austria, the automotive supplier Mubea Carbo Tech, which introduced our software solution in 2011, the year Babtec Austria was founded.

Babtec expert Daniel von Sondern then gave an insight into the Closed Quality Loop in our software. Indeed, with the BabtecQ quality management software, all relevant quality processes can be mapped in a control loop, as data and information are exchanged between the numerous modules. The fact that our colleague hardly had to introduce himself at all, as the majority of the visitors already knew him "from TV", i.e. from our virtual Q.Fokus events, was a particular source of laughter.

The event was rounded off by a guided tour of the Red Bull Ring, which took our guests and our team into the Control Room, the pit lane and even onto the winners' podium.

As big fans of continuous improvement, we of course again sought feedback from our visitors. And we were delighted that they were extremely positive about our joint anniversary event. By the way, as a thank you for the feedback, we raffled off a sleek e-scooter for sustainable cruising among all those who submitted the feedback form.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all quality enthusiasts who were there and made our belated anniversary celebration a real quality time for us!