Q.Event North in the “Clouds” of Hamburg

Today, the Q.Event North marks the finale of our autumn event series. In the noble location “Clouds” in the "Tanzende Türme" (Hamburg) we are very close to the clouds, which leads over to our main topic: cloud-based technology for new kinds of networking and communication in quality management.

Aiming high with the new quality

In Hamburg, the visitors of our Q.Events North not only had a great view over the Hanseatic city, but also got interesting insights into the most burning Q topics. The Dancing Towers and the Sky Lounge "Clouds" on the Reeperbahn invited to stimulating discussions and networking.

The name of the location also perfectly matched the program of the event: visitors learned how the cloud-based platform Babtec Qube helps to ensure cross-company quality. Networking with business partners will also be taken to a new level with the new cloud service Qube.SPOT. Jean Marcel Haupt (Head of Product Management at Babtec) explained to the participants that quality is crucially dependent on this network. The presentation by Dominik Franitza (Sales Representative) furthermore gave the listeners an overview of all the innovations in Babtec.Q.

Not least because of the exclusive location, the event in Hamburg was a good opportunity to exchange views with other quality experts. We were very pleased about the numerous visitors at this year's Q.Events and are curious to see which innovations from the Q-World will be waiting for us next year.