New Software Module for Warranty Management

Collecting and analyzing field data are the main tasks of an effective warranty management. Professor Stefan Bracke from the University of Wuppertal is convinced of this. He and his team have supported the CAQ provider Babtec with the development of a new software for the analysis of field data.

The solution, which is fully integrated into Babtec’s CAQ system, will help to better tap the full potential of so-called field data in the future. The focus is on the standardization, validation, and refinement of these data, which automotive suppliers in particular receive within the scope of the warranty from the customer. These data can be analyzed significantly faster with the help of the software than with conventional solutions. The new module accepts the smart consolidation of the data according to templates that have been created and transfers the different customer formats into a standard format.

“Generating a reliable database can easily take up 80% of the time,” Professor Bracke claims. “Additional time-consuming activities are performing plausibility checks and testing for possible faulty entries.” Bracke should know, since he holds the Chair of Security Technology and Risk Management at the University of Wuppertal. Creating reliability tests and prognoses are among the core competencies of his institution. He advised Babtec in statistical questions during the development of the new software module for field data analysis.

The result is an extensive expansion of the CAQ software BabtecQ, which now supports the overall process of warranty management. At the push of a button, the software takes over time-consuming routine activities such as standardizing field data or transferring these data into the layer line diagrams customary in the industry. The resources gained in this way can then be used for the really important tasks: the complex analysis of the causes and introducing effective corrective measures for the continual improvement of the products.