New Austria Office

Babtec is growing steadily, a trend continuing strongly in 2011. With one of the top-selling German-language CAQ solutions Babtec has established a strong market presence in Austria. In order to care for its Austrian customers in a more direct and personal way, the CAQ company has now created a distinct branch office on site. The office has opened in Wels on 1 July 2011.

The new Austria branch office has been created to serve an industrial market that has a high demand for quality management software. More than 30 well-known Austrian manufacturers are already part of Babtec's clientele, among them Flextronics International GmbH, austriamicrosystems AG, famous motorcycle maker KTM Sportmotorcycle AG as well as pewag International GmbH, the market leader in the production of snow chains.

The establishment of the Austrian branch office is part of Babtec's strategy – to be present on future markets. The growing clientele proves it: it is mostly through the strong demand for innovative CAQ solutions that the Austrian market shows its potential. Until now, an accredited partner company has been in charge of Austrian Babtec customers. That partner's well-proven team of specialists is now working for the Babtec branch office.