Maintenance – a Case for Quality Management

Only when all machines are operating flawlessly is it possible for companies to successfully produce quality. For this reason, the implementation of a state-of-the-art maintenance strategy is a central component of an efficient quality management system. The comprehensive QM software BabtecQ now supports preventive maintenance according to standards with a separate module.

The reasons for a state-of-the-art maintenance strategy in companies are varied: Ever more complex designs of machines and production systems, the demand for high availability as well as growing cost pressure turn maintenance into a competitive factor. The higher-level goal is always to produce first-class quality. As a result, it is logical to understand the maintenance topic as an important component of quality management. To efficiently implement preventive maintenance, the Q-specialist Babtec now offers a new software module.

The new solution efficiently supports the quality manager as well as the maintenance or production manager in executing the maintenance tasks. In accordance with the relevant standard DIN 31051, they include all of those measures that maintain the functional state of a unit or, in case of a failure, restore it. The major advantage of the Babtec software compared to a standalone solution is the integration in the existing quality management system. The new module seamlessly communicates with all the important interfaces of the QM software BabtecQ.

Employees from all departments are integrated in the maintenance processes via the intranet. Hence, it is possible to report faults system-wide and process them using a web-based tool. In this way, quality data are always available for maintenance directly in the new module and do not have to be entered in the system multiple times. This enables a quick information flow and continuous data exchange as well as an optimum cooperation of quality management and maintenance.