Clearly Structured and Centralized: The New Supplier Cockpit from Babtec

Supplier assessment is an essential component for successful Supply Relationship Management. With its central supplier cockpit, Babtec now offers a new module – clearly structured and openly adjustable. It is available starting in November.

The success of a product depends on numerous factors. The quality of supplier products and the reliability of suppliers themselves are always a part of it. These two factors enter into the supplier management. The goal: Create and maintain long-term successful supplier relationships. With Babtec.Q, Babtec offers a proven CAQ software for managing supplier relationships. Important components of the system are the supplier assessment and classification. They help in the early detection of risks, the targeted continued development of relationships to suppliers, and avoiding the costs of an insufficient supplier performance.

Starting with release version 6.3, Babtec.Q R6 now presents a new instrument: the central supplier cockpit. It is the place where the data of all divisions are combined that provide input for a comprehensive supplier assessment: for example, from incoming goods inspections, complaint processing, purchasing or logistics. All of this information is prepared clearly structured and in a comparable way in the Babtec supplier cockpit.

The supplier assessment procedure can be set up in a flexible way in the supplier cockpit – adapted to the respective company requirements. Hard facts as well as soft facts can be integrated. The cockpit generates hard facts from within Babtec.Q as well as via interfaces from the corresponding ERP system. Proven key performance indicators (KPI) are, for example, PPM, the number of supplier complaints, as well as correct quantity delivered and delivery deadlines.

The performance of suppliers can also be measured in categories. Even though automatically generated facts are not available for them, they can be evaluated reliably by the employees of the different departments. Such soft facts include pricing, the willingness to cooperate or flexibility. Their assessment is performed based on criteria that are individually defined and documented in assessment catalogs.

All the data – hard as well as soft facts – are converted into a consistent assessment system. The structure of this system is freely definable. The result is a comprehensible KPI that is fully comparable with the performance of all other suppliers. This allows evaluating all the suppliers using the same basis, thereby ensuring objectivity.

On the basis of all determined KPIs, an overall assessment is established for each supplier. This supplier KPI (SKPI) determines the classification, e.g. as Supplier A, B or C. The thresholds for these individual classes can also be defined individually for each company.

Authorized employees of the company can always view the most up-to-date assessments in the supplier cockpit – valuable information, e.g. for purchasing. Particularly in the area of soft facts, user privileges within the Babtec software control who can perform which assessments. If necessary, it is also possible to display more advanced detailed information. This enables early detection of problems and risks, and suitable measures for their avoidance can be initiated.

In addition, reports and graphical analyses can be generated from within Babtec.Q R6 which form the basis for supplier negotiations. Analyses based on previously conducted supplier assessments are also available: They can be utilized in the new development of products for the selection of suitable suppliers.