Bicycle tour with great atmosphere

Babtec employees, family and friends started this year's bicycle tour on the Nordbahntrasse in Wuppertal in optimal cycling weather. For the fifth time, Babtec organized the employee event, which this year had a special highlight in store as part of “Wuppertal 24h live”.

Gruppenbild von der Trassenfahrt bei Babtec

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a... bicycle! A lot of enthusiastic faces were to be seen on Friday at the Babtec train path ride in Wuppertal. For the fifth year in a row, Babtec organized the cycling event for its employees - this year, however, with a special feature: In addition to the employees, friends and family were also invited to join in the cycling. Around lunchtime, a large bunch of cyclists set off along the Nordbahn route in the direction of Schee station. A group of particularly eager cyclists even started the big round one hour earlier.

Arrived at the Schee station the athletes strengthened themselves with a well-deserved cold drink and ice cream from the ordered ice cream cart. Full of new energy they finally went back to the Babtec company premises at Clausen.

BBQ, Relax and Wuppertal 24h live

There, the culinary highlight was already waiting for the participants: a large summer barbecue invited them to eat, network and relax together. For the first time this year Babtec also took part in the "Wuppertal 24h live" event and opened its doors to all interested parties. Many of the participants gladly took this opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. A short lecture in the evening about working at Babtec rounded off the successful event.