How Amazingly much We Can Learn from the Walrus

“Are you up for some nonsense?”

Well, the new Reimer is far from nonsense, on the contrary. But questions like these, questions that surprise readers and make them think, the book offers far more than I had expected.

Dr. Markus Reimer, a renowned quality auditor, keynote speaker and innovation philosopher, has titled the third and final part of his trilogy “The Walrus” “Business Reflections”. But anyone now expecting a dry guidebook is far wrong: from the first to the last page, we sense the unique charm, wit and intellect of the one and only Markus Reimer. In addition, there are numerous personal anecdotes that make it difficult to put this book down. For example, the author takes us on a trip on his motorcycle, reports on what bothers him most about driving and what this has to do for him with quality, knowledge and agility in corporate practice. Reimer often takes his own advice as a “storyteller” to heart: he vividly shows the advantages of telling (and writing) stories, not only in TV series but – even more so – in one’s company. How exactly this works and why he makes a strong case for company outings and Christmas parties – you’ll be surprised. So entertaining and easy to read, you’d best take a little time to finish what you’ve started.

ISO 9001, Markets and Pandemic - Different but Still Practical

Anyone who knows him or his previous books knows that you have to get into the “Reimer way” to be able to appreciate it. The description “ingenious madness” describes it quite well: relentlessly honest, funny, ironic and simply good are his stories, thoughts and advice on a wide variety of topics that affect not only entrepreneurs. He makes concrete references to ISO 9001, for example, albeit sometimes via daring detours: Let’s take risk-based thinking as an example of the standard’s requirements. If the principle of “innovation” is already considered particularly popular by most entrepreneurs, Reimer teaches us that “the way forward” is not necessarily desirable and certainly not always right. After all, what risk do we take when it comes to what could be done with an invention? With dramatic examples, he shows why it makes sense and is necessary to take a responsible path in one’s own company – even if it may mean the end of an innovative idea.

But this is only one of many common ways of thinking that Markus Reimer dares to break through in his “Walrus”: The corona pandemic showed us in an impressive way that nothing is as certain as it may seem. This brings us an important insight for our management: constantly questioning the existing and bringing new knowledge into the company – that can be essential.

What We Still Do Not Have Enough of

Other areas covered include markets, innovation and expectation management, supply chain act and error culture. Cutting-edge topics, in other words, but also topics that you may think you’ve simply heard and read enough about. If that is the case, then let me tell you: you haven’t. Because this point of view is simply special. You don’t have to share Markus Reimer’s opinion, but you should know it.

Expect the unexpected – not only a quote from this great book, but also a well-intentioned advice for all readers. Because with every page Markus Reimer surprises and encourages a new and unexpected point of view. So from me a clear reading recommendation for “The Walrus” and should Mr. Reimer read this: Gladly more of it!


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