At Babtec, our visionary ideas are constantly creating new innovative software products which set benchmarks in the CAQ market. Michael Flunkert sets his sights on the future and describes how quality management and digitalization are interlinked, and the role that the quality process takes on within the supply chain.

Which trends are we currently seeing in quality management?

Globalization, digitalization and individualization are megatrends that open up a whole landscape of potential for quality management. Today, complex processes can be mapped digitally and extended across multiple companies. This offers us a host of completely new opportunities for quality within the supply chain. Digital networking of business partners and working with partners to optimize processes can give you a head start in the market against the competition.

Digitalization is pushing the frontiers of production. What are the consequences of this for quality management?

Companies act as part of various supply chains. As a result, a wide network of customers and suppliers is built up. Depending on the business relationship, a company may take on the role of supplier or customer. With digitalization, processes can be taken far beyond the company’s own borders. Highly optimized and automated processes result from this which enable partners to jointly manage quality throughout the entire supply chain and beyond. Thus, enormous potentials for optimization are opening up for the supply chain, and quality, in the widest meaning of the word, profits fully from this. We call this the quality supply chain.

How does Babtec support the quality supply chain?

With our solutions, we digitize the quality process within the supply chain. Thus, our customers can maximize the quality of their products and processes. They connect with their business partners via Babtec Qube, the cloud-based platform. This is very simple for the users. Our customers work with their own CAQ systems, as usual, and these systems make them a part of the quality supply chain. Such a company’s business partner could, for example, process complaints on their tablet – at any time, anywhere and in real time. They would work directly within the web-based Qube. Working in the Qube is easy and intuitive, thanks to its smart interfaces. Data processing is done in standard QDX format, thus enabling unlimited connections to be built with other systems in the future. Warranty management is also very important for supply chains in the automotive industry. In order to counter the extensive warranty claims of their clients, suppliers need valid analyses of huge amounts of data. Warranty management from Babtec supports the systematic processing of field data. A supplier that does this distinguishes itself as a more competent, better qualified and stronger business partner.

Of course, there is also a cockpit for key figures and an analysis tool for the quality supply chain. Our web-based cockpit makes the relevant key figures for each individual responsible person available to that person within the company. And the purchaser will also receive all the information necessary for their next dialog with the supplier with just one search query. Nothing could be easier!

Solutions for the Quality Supply Chain

Complaints management

Process complaints in jointly with your business partners at any time, anywhere, on any device and in real time. Processing is easy and intuitive in the web-based Qube thanks to its smart interfaces. Complaints can be logged easily and reported back in digital 8D report format.

Warranty Management

Babtec’s Warranty Management assists in the systematic processing of field data – from standardizing different customer formats to field data analysis with isochrones. A supplier capable of doing this distinguishes itself as a more competent, better qualified and stronger business partner within the supply chain.

KPI Systems

Web-based Quality Cockpits provide information on all the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for the quality supply chain, automatically and in real time. All significant data can be integrated from QM/ERP systems, Excel files and other databases.

Search Functions

The Q.Navigator enables advanced analyses to be carried out on product-based or address-based data. Whether you need information about complaints, inspection orders or supplier assessments: The Q.Navigator provides you with all the information you need at the push of a button.


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