Team Event for the Protection of Biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation was on the agenda at our "Come Together" this year. Under the direction of biologist Falko Fritzsch, more than 150 Babtec team members took part in a bee workshop on the grounds of Schloss Lüntenbeck. Karin Ricono from the environmental protection department of the city of Wuppertal provided expert advice for the sustainability project. "A species protection campaign of this size by a company is an exemplary contribution to biodiversity conservation in the sense of the international "Business for Biodiversity" campaign and a great contribution to the local insect protection program," says the representative for environmental consulting and species protection, "I am very pleased to be able to witness and support the commitment of the Babtec team live."

Wild Bee Nesting Aid for the "Old Lüntenbeck Landfill Site”

Our employees cycled from the headquarters in Wuppertal-Unterbarmen to Schloss Lüntenbeck and built a total of seven wild bee hives at nine stations. The largest nesting aid is set up at the recultivated former landfill site "Alte Deponie Lüntenbeck" – today a highlight for hikes. "The site in the area of the Lüntenbeck landfill is particularly well suited for nesting aids," says Ricono, "because there is already a rich supply of wild plants with pollen and nectar here. But a research team this year found that nesting opportunities are lacking. Nesting aids like those provided by the Babtec team can help." Our team members from other offices take the six smaller nesting aids with them to their respective company locations. Soon, nesting aids "made in Wuppertal" will be distributed in Spain, Austria as well as in various parts of Germany.

Group photo of the Babtec team
Employee at station in the wild bee workshop
Station in the wild bee workshop

Idea Based on Corporate Mission Statement

According to Dagmar Henkel, head of our People & Culture team, the idea grew out of a revision of our corporate mission statement, which this year was supplemented by a number of important topics, most notably a commitment to sustainable action. "It's important to us that our mission statement comes to life through the actions of all our team members," says Dagmar Henkel. "The issue of sustainability is very close to the hearts not only of us as a company, but also of our employees, which is why we have put our Come Together this year at the service of biodiversity conservation."