Strong Development Despite Pandemic

After a turbulent and challenging year for all of us, we set the course for an exciting, successful future at the annual kick-off: with an expanded management, a new philosophy, increased share capital and many new people in the quality community.

The five members of the Extended Executive Board.

Our two managing directors, Michael Flunkert and Waios Kastanis, recently brought in reinforcements from their own ranks for the company management. The management team has been expanded by three members – and thus also by valuable competencies. Peter Hönle as Head of Sales and Services, Dagmar Henkel as Head of HR and the Head of Products, Lutz Krämer, have recently joined the management team. Babtec founder Michael Flunkert explains this major step for our company as follows: "We want to continue to meet the growing demands of the market, and at the same time we need experts for contemporary corporate development in leading positions. Expanding the management with valuable competencies is an important step in this regard."

New Philosophy for a Modern Working World

As its first official act, the new Management Board has further developed our corporate philosophy, on which our corporate culture and thus our success story is built. Our vision is to create quality awareness for the benefit of people. To this end, we have made it our mission to support companies in permanently strengthening their quality. By means of guiding principles, the values of the company are made transparent. The goal is to promote a more agile way of working that gives each team member increased self-responsibility in their areas of activity. The new philosophy is clearly inspired by the New Work approach, which places the human being as a creative being at the center of all action.

Coming Out of the Crisis Year with Strong Figures

Last year, 87 new customers decided to permanently improve and strengthen their quality with our software solutions; we thus remain at the high level of our previous year. Overall, the volume in our customer projects has grown continuously over the last few years. In order to meet our clients' need for security with regard to a matching liability basis, the shareholders decided to increase the share capital from 520 000 euros to one million euros.

The HR department can also report positive news: the recruitment continued successfully, our team grew further and was able to gain reinforcements with high competencies in our field of expertise. And these skills are also urgently needed, according to HR Director Dagmar Henkel: "As a company, we are currently going through exciting developments in all areas. New product approaches are being planned, our working world is becoming more digital and agile – for this, we will continue to look for excellently trained professionals in the future." 

With the course set, the management feels ready in any case for all upcoming challenges and for intensive further developments in all areas of the company.