#partofthesong Donation handover

WOW! With professional support from the areas of songwriting, singing and composition, a Babtec song has been created from the collaboration of our team members. You've been busy clicking and generating views – so together we've raised a great amount of money in our #partofthesong campaign. 

Pictures of the four donations handed over as part of Babtec's #teildessongs project

Our team was also actively involved in selecting the good causes to donate to. The following organizations were submitted by our employees and were happy to receive Babtec song donations:

  • Benefit festival "Wuppertal hilft!": "Wuppertal hilft!" is a non-profit organization that generates its donations through benefit festivals. The 14th benefit concert will take place on May 28, 2022. The proceeds will benefit the victims from the Ukrainian war zone.
  • Solidarity fund #handforahand for freelancers in the cultural sector: Due to the corona pandemic, several hundred thousand events have been canceled throughout Germany so far. Freelancers, self-employed and micro-enterprises in the cultural sector have had to cope with massive losses of revenue. To support this professional group, donations are being collected for a private solidarity fund. The funds collected are distributed monthly to freelance stage and sound technicians, lighting technicians, stage hands and event assistants according to the instructions of an independent allocation committee.
  • freiraum bochum e. V.: Freiraum Bochum e. V. is a joint project of various political, cultural and social initiatives –  an uncommercial social meeting place and a place for people who want to realize their ideas for social, political and cultural activities.
  • Tannheim Family Aftercare Clinic in the Black Forest: The Tannheim Aftercare Clinic gives new strength and hope to families with seriously chronically ill children. It offers highly qualified, four-week treatment for the entire family as part of the family-oriented aftercare for a child suffering from cancer, heart disease or cystic fibrosis. Furthermore, the Tannheim Aftercare Clinic treats "orphaned families" – these are families who have lost a child through illness. The severely affected families experience the clinic in the Black Forest as an "island in the sea of sorrows".
  • Katharinenhöhe Rehabilitation Clinic for Families, Adolescents and Young Adults in the Black Forest: The Katharinenhöhe Rehabilitation Clinic offers chronically ill adolescents and young adults a special, small-group-oriented model for medical and psychosocial rehabilitation. The individually tailored treatment plans include plenty of activities within a small group: sports and exercise, wellness activities, joint activities. 

We are pleased and very proud that we could do something good together with you and say thank you – also in the name of all organizations!