#partofthesong: Babtec Sings for a Good Cause

Music makes people happy, as we all know. That's why our team has been working creatively on a musical project over the past few months. Together with professional support from the areas of songwriting, singing and composition, a Babtec song was created out of the pen, voice cords and acting talent of our team members.

Collage of Babtec employees singing

Team Text started in February and played around with words. Then Team Stimme took over and sang the lines of the colleagues from Team Text in several workshops. And finally, Team Choreo took over the video design and dared to be in front of the camera. We are proud of the result of our team and are looking forward to spreading the Babtec spirit into the world.

We are even more pleased to turn the Babtec song into a fundraising campaign. We will donate one euro for every view of the song video on YouTube, up to a total of 10,000 views or euros. Our team was also actively involved in selecting the good causes to donate to. The following organizations were submitted by our employees and can look forward to Babtec song donations:

  • Benefit Festival "Wuppertal hilft!"
  • Solidarity fund #handforahand for freelancers in the cultural sector
  • freiraum bochum e. V. 
  • Solidarity fund EinTopf Wuppertal for cultural workers
  • Family aftercare clinic Tannheim in the Black Forest
  • Katharinenhöhe Rehabilitation Clinic for Families, Adolescents and Young Adults in the Black Forest 

The fundraising campaign runs from now until December 31, 2021. How you can support us? Click on the YouTube link right now and then share the Babtec song with your loved ones, your team or on the social media channel of your choice. Because every appeal brings another euro for charitable purposes. Carry the Babtec spirit into the world with us!